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Happy February!

Hey everyone, thank you for all the awesome comments. I'm really glad to get good feedback on my Everything Bracelets. I do spend a lot of time making each one, so it's makes me really happy to hear that you like them : )

February 4th is coming soon. I'm going to put a pause on all necklaces then. I haven't decided how it's going to work yet. Should I disable the "add to cart buttons" or should I just let everyone know that if they place an order it will be deliver in Early March?

Vintage Rose & AB Bracelet
Measures ~ 7"-7 1/2"
.925 Sterling Clasp
8mm Swarovski Crystals

"Large AB Heart on Stardust"
16" Sterling Stardust Necklace
SALE: $38.50

"Winter Ballad"
16" Sterling Stardust Necklace"
Sale: $41.50

"Peridot Starfish, Light Amethyst Coral"
16" Sterling Silver Necklace

"Peach.AB.Vintage Rose"
7"-7 1/2" Bracelet
6mm Swarovski Crystals

Happy February 1st !


Shiseiten said...

I think that you should keep the buttons, but remind people the dates. Just in case some people are debating about buying items from you and are indecisive.... (like myself) haha.

wuzzyangel said...

MMM maybe both.. canceling the cart buttons and letting peeps know. So they don't ask you when the button doesn't work! LOL!

Happy Feb Steph!

Yin said...

You 're working really hard Steph, I hope you could hv fun and get some rest ;)
And once again thank you for my lil' special thing XOXO

Pearlholy said...

Wah!!! Winter Ballad! Thank you so much for putting it back on! >__<!

Pearlholy said...

And btw, I agree with wuzzyangel; you should disable the 'add to cart' and let everyone know about it as well =)

Good night!

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

It's of course up to you, but I don't think you should disable the buttons. Because @ X~mas time I had my bf buy me a necklace fully understanding that it wasn't going to arrive until after Christmas...I wanted it no matter when I was getting it!!! lol I think the date reminder should just be stated in such an obvious way that people won't have an excuse for not knowing.
P.S. My New Year's resolution just became GET MYSELF ONE OF THESE EVERYTHING BRACELETS hehe (I just know you'll create the bracelet of my dreams & I'll get my hands on it <3!)

Ivy said...

the coral pendent is just too cute >.< it matches well with the starfishhie :] yeah i hope u have a great time with ur family during ur vacation ^-^ you deserve a break with them ;]

DSK Steph said...

@Pearlholy I love the Winter Ballad too! :D

@Ivy thank you babe! I can't wait to visit my family :)

@Eureka! I hope I make you the bracelet of your dreams one day!

Pearlholy said...

Haha! XD I've been waiting for the re-stock so I can get the Winter Ballad for my best friend and the Winter Sonata for myself at the same time--gift for our late friendship anniversary.

I had a hard time picking between the Winter Ballad & Winter Sonata and Bubbi Necklace and Bubbi Remix. I had to ruin the surprise and ask for my best friend's opinion (I also had to run around to ask other opinions)

In the end, we all agreed that the delicate colours from Winter Sonata and Winter Ballad looked better on us two. =D![/rant]

I'm so happy that it's finally back~ Thank you, thank you, thank you >_<!

And we appreciate your hard work, Steph. I'm glad that you don't let the negiavtive comments/rumours get to you so easily. It's really admirable that you use those biased remarks in order to boost your creativity. And the effort shows!

On the side note, I may not be a person who's updated with latest fashion trends but I do believe that contemporary/modern beauty and elegance is defined by simplicity.

FIGHTO! =D <3 And like Yin said, you should get some rest and try not to over work yourself ^__^. (andyesIamtotallyspamming)

DSK Steph said...

@Pearlholy, chhyeahh girl! :D Glad you like the simplicity! I will never stop doing what I love I can guarantee you that!

JoannaBanana said...

Hey steph :D
I was just looking at your fab new pieces of art, and i noticed with the
Peridot Starfish, Light Amethyst Coral, the Amethyst Coral looked awfully like a wish bone.

And now im only thinking about what a good idea that would be to do a heart and a wish bone togethor (only a wish to love :D)

Love all of your work , xx Joanna

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! The Winter Ballad Necklace is sooo freakin gorgeous!! Ah! :D I think I might order it...my two favorite colors together! Soo pretty! :)

Line said...

Winter Ballad is to die for!

Thanks for the shout-out, Steph! I'm so happy about the bracelet. I can't wait to wear it. I'll be checking my mailbox every day. I love, love, love the anticipation, and I'm never disappointed when I open one of those cute little boxes :-D

jessalyn said...

p.s. (i just commented on the personal blog) i forgot to say i am happy to see you in a good mood and things looking up! it is always such a relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

gorgeous work as always! i'd say leave the add to cart button, but let the peeps know they won't get it until then...your stuff is totally worth the wait!

Pinky said...

Maybe you should have those automatic email things where it tells the buyer he/she will have to wait until March =] That way you can still have people buy whatever they want ? I can't explain very well.. :P

Anyway, I realllyyyyyy like the heart clasp!! <3

Pearlholy said...

@Steph, and we'll keep on supporting you! =DDD!

I've been staring at the new everything bracelet for sometime now, and after seeing the 'Bema's Ocean-Water Everything Bracelet' from the 5 element Everything bracelet collection, I'm sort of wondering if you've ever considered perhaps making an 'Everything Bracelet Birthstone' collection? Perhaps you can release an 'Everything Bracelet Birthstone' every month, X3.

For example, March's birthstone's is the aquamarine; you can make an everything bracelet with the 'light blue' stones and release it in March. I guess it's one way for make the birthday girls feel special =D!

Anonymous said...

I think you should leave the Add To Cart buttons, that way people won't forget to purchase the piece they wanted come March.

Lire Eureka said, if you do leave the buttons, there should be a reminder stated very clearly and visibly for people to keep in mind when the shipping date will be approx. Maybe on every post? Or maybe put the announcement that you have on the top right of your blog in a yellowish color, or any other color that will stand out and catch the eye.

Hope you have fun visiting your family and friends in Michigan!!

Anna said...

They're all so pretty, but winter ballad is my favourite! :D

I think you should keep the add to cart bits but make sure people understand it wont reach them until march. (:

Michelle said...

The coral and starfish necklace really caught my eye (:
everything is amazing, as usual

Phally said...

My daughter turn 1yr old on the 4th! I think you should keep the button. There's a couple of them that I want to get, but I'm still deciding! Grrr.. can't make up my mind.. everything look so cute!

Shaylie said...

The AB on Stardust is so pretty! Wish I could buy it but I'm broke at the moment. :(

Kate Gene said...

Ugh! I am so late with commenting on people's blogs! (You know me... I'm usually glued to the laptop. LOL!) Those AB crystals are insane! They always catch my eye first! I love the Peach.AB.Vintage Rose bracelet. The clasp is so cute and the colors meld together so well!

Purty stuff, as always!


xdsingirl said...

I really love the stardust chaiiin

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