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"Just Beachy" DSK Everything Bracelet

I love my bracelets :P Is that too bold to declare?
I'm pretty much into making bracelets right now, lol
I think if you follow my blog, you see a trend.
I'll make bracelets for a few weeks straight, and then won't make one again for 2-3 months.
I just feel so good after I finish one! I love that feeling: accomplished!

Meet "Just Beachy"

One of a Kind
DSK's "Just Beachy" Everything Bracelet
.925 7"-7 1/2" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
***sold*** and headed to Canada tomorrow :)
Shout out to Vanessa!

Thank you for your supportive feedback!

P.S. I am working on another bracelet right this moment. Think "Blue"


nancy said...

woohoo, another pretty one coming up!!!!

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

OMG this is very sophisticated & pretty also!
I was just about to "Add to Cart" but then I read the last line...I LOVE BLUE!!!
I hope I can snatch the next piece!!!

Phally said...

Grrr.. I hate you for teasing my eyes now! *sigh* if only I get my tax return sooner.

Lena said...

Steph you bracelets seriously leave me breathless!! Takes me away to another realm..<33!!

Michelle said...

Wow, it does remind me of the beach! :D The topaz/bronze color is reminiscent of the sand. I love the starfish and seahorse charms-- cuteeeeee. <3

Kimirose said...

Ooh I am so glad you are on a bracelet making spree right now! I am checking your blog just about as often as I can because all of your bracelets are so beautiful and I am waiting for the right one so that I can catch it as soon as it comes up for sale. :) BTW, I hope that you have tons of fun on your vacation!

Yin said...

WOW. that is SO elegant. <3
I'm considering to get more pendants for my necklace =D

jellyicemilkbar said...

Haha when I saw "think blue" I thought of that bridal quote.

Something new
something old
something borrowed
something blue

haha I don't remember the exact order...

maybe you can try making some brial pieces (:

h.tea said...

Oh, that's just beautiful! Defs loving the colours!

Jewelry By Jessica said...

lol I don't think it's bold at all because I love your bracelets too :)

Flip flop girl said...

woohoo! can't wait to have it and wear it at work hahaha...by the way my close friends complemented the necklace that I got custom made by you thanks!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh.. Love the beachy theme! cute!

cleung341 said...

Oh man, I don't know how you ever give your bracelets up. If I were you, I would want to keep them all!

Susan said...

Just Beachy Bracelet is soooo AMAZING!!! You are so creative! The colors are perfect and so unusual for beach-themed jewelry. Have Fun on your vacation. You deserve a break and I know you will enjoy seeing your family.

Stephani said...

I was seriously so excited to snatch this piece right up and was so sad to see that it was already sold! It's PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that this bracelet definitely reminds me of a sandy beach:P (really awesome!!!)I also have a request for you, why don't you post photos with your dsk models wearing your bracelets? I think we would get an even more complete view of your bracelets by seeing someone wearing them.I hope you enjoy yourself on your vacation and return with a lot of inspiring ideas!!!

Kate Gene said...

Boy, you are killin' it with these bracelets, Steph! :) When I looked at this, I immediately thought of being on the shores of Lake Washington! :)

P. S. How cute is the name "Just Beachy"?

wuzzyangel said...

This is perfectly named! Not oceany or under the sea-y, but like the shore! Beach!! Steph you're too good! ;)

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