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"Little Princess" DSK's Everything Bracelet

As some of you may know, I'm always going to Target. (Target is a pretty nice discount style retailer). They sell everything from household items to clothes. I always browse for storage containers, and at Target they have this isle of purple & pink storage bins for little girls. I always think everything is so cute. That is my inspiration for this bracelet in case anyone was wondering. :D

One of a Kind DSK
"Little Princess" DSK's Everything Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Made by DSK Steph in Bellevue, WA on Feb. 3, 2010
The "Little Princess" Bracelet is going to Brunei to be with Sing Yee :)

"Little Princess" does cost a bit more than the others because I splurge on the crystals & silver charms.

My Everything Bracelets are One of a Kind, and definitely DSK Collector Pieces.

I can't wait to see where in our world "Little Princess" will travel.


Kate Gene said...

Okay, I lied... THIS is the ultimate girly bracelet! WOW!!!! My eyes are bugging out!!!! LOL!!!! (Pink and purple are two of my favorite colors!)

Jewelry By Jessica said...

So cute I don't know why but when I saw this I instantly thought this would be a perfect bracelet to celebrate the birth of a baby girl ^_^ Love it so pretty my favorite colors are pink and purple ^_^

Limonada said...

Oh wow, that's absolutely adorable! I love how girly and sweet it looks!

Miss P said...

I love your comment about Target! I write all the time on my blog that Target is like my second home...I love that place!

The charm bracelet is beautiful! This bracelet actually goes perfectly with a pair of earrings that my lil one has.

L.Cua said...

This almost made me have an eye orgasm!!! This bracelet reminds me of me and my sister!! My sis loves purple and I love pink! and We dress our baby grls purple in pink all the time!!! (....don't know why i shared that but I guess this bracelt reminds me of my family :D )

Michelle said...

I agree; it does have a youthful, feminine appeal to it. ^.^ Little girls everywhere dream of having something like this. I'm so glad each bracelet is one of a kind. It makes that much more special, especially since you put all that time and effort into them. [:

Lena said...

Oh soo pretty!! Indeed it is a princess themes <33

Karen said...

its such a beautiful bracelet, its such a great combination of everything girly...absolutely gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Adorable bracelet!! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Aww it reminds me of those Disney Princess dress up sets.. but blingy only the way DSK can be! ;)

kaydayyx3 said...

aw, you should make more purple and pink colored bracelets! there's soo cute! afterall, purple is both our favorite color :)

vintagebandage said...

will there be remakes?

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