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Hey everyone : ) Thanks for all the kind words about the bracelets! They really are encouraging. I have two more to share before I fly off to Michigan. I leave Sunday at 11pm (overnight flight!) Going to sleep on the plane! I love that I get to maximize my day here in Bellevue/Seattle, WA.

Today is the last day to place an order that will get shipped out before I leave. If you have pending payments via Paypal review ~ those orders will be shipped when I get back to Seattle in Early March.

"Love Merlot"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski

"I love you."
16" Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*Sold Out*


~*~Eureka~*~ said...

I love the bordeaux leaf!!! It's such a pretty color & the name is perfect too!
& the "I love you" pendant reminds me of a little cherry or strawberry (I wanna eat it up hehe)
Have a WONDERFUL time in Michigan!!! Get lots of rest & spend lots of time with those you love :)

doubley123 said...

wow, those deep red colours are really nice. esp the purple goes so well with the red leaf.
and the pattern on the i love you is really cool. it is different right? XD
i'm extremely happy with my Happy Necklace, thank you, i will wear it on holiday, yay! probs not on the plane tho.

Forgotten said...

Love Merlot is so dark & deep. I love it! I hope you have a great vacation Steph! You deserve it. You worked so hard, especially within these last few days. (:

Kate Gene said...

Enjoy your much needed vacation!

I love deep red colors. Mmm, merlot... Thanks for making me want a glass of wine in the middle of the day! LOL! One of my favorite red nail polishes is called Merlot. I think I'll use that to get my Merlot fix. XD

Pearlholy said...

The 'I Love You' pendant reminds me of a cherry hard candy. I just realized many recent pieces remind me of candy! And the 'Love Merlot' reminds me of wine candy.

Hmm... this is a sign. I must get candy!

Have a nice trip in Michigan, keep us updated if you can~ Take lots of videos and pictures--like a real Asian tourist! Ha ha <3 We'll miss you~ Have fun!

Kae said...

Gorgeous! Love the deep red heart. What nail polish are you wearing? Have a wonderful time with the fam!

Michelle said...

Meepppp!!! I love the dark hues in these pieces. The Merlot one makes me think of fruits, like grapes, plums, passion fruit, or that dinosaur egg fruit. I think this is the second time I mentioned fruits on your post. XD I love fruit. :3 To sum it all, I think it's gorgeous.

The "I Love You" necklace is stunning. I adore the bloody red [crimson] color, and it reminds me of a strawberry, yummy. ^.^

Winnie said...

wow the "I Love You" is such a pretty red!! love the bracelets too :)

Miss P said...

The "Love Merlot" necklace is beautiful Steph!! You wow me everytime you make something new! I love these colors together...makes me want to go put on some red lipstick!

Have fun in Michigan! Eat some pho, banh xeo, nuoc mam and all that good stuff for me! Thanks again for looking out hun! You're the best!

Apple Hu said...

Whoa, the love merlot bracelet is intense :) It looks so mature and elegant.

Have a great time in Michigan! And hopefully no plane delays :]

ATL said...

Aww... Thanks, "I love you" too necklace! JK... =D I want that! My favorite color... RED and its just so pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wowww!! The deep red leaf is AMAZING! This necklace is so stunning! :)

bettyb0o said...

im not a fan of the leaf crystal but the colors for that necklace are so mesmerizing *.*

wuzzyangel said...

Wow that color is amazing! And I'm not even a red fan! LOL! But it's got depth!

Anonymous said...

My nails look like yours. xD But my nailpolish is/was golden :'D

Those two pieces are perfect for Valentines Day (:

Enjoy your vacation!

Adele said...

I absolutely LOVE ALL of your necklaces! <3 - and bracelets

Pong said...

my boyfriend got me the Love Merlot for Valentine's Day (after a few hints) and i love it! he said he ordered it on Feb 4 and was afraid that it wont be ship in time. Thank Got it did. He's usually not too into jewelry but even he admits that it's nice. Thank you for making such lovely pieces!

Narmina Y........ said...

wow truly gorgeous. I wish i can afford these types of jewelry.

xdsingirl said...

I love you toooo necklace lmao

Dina said...

I love the "Love Merlot" necklace. Hope you have a nice vacation.

xemmyt said...

hi stephanie! I hope you see this, but I don't know how else to contact you. if I bought the "I love you" necklace, would you be able to change the chain out to a gold one? my mom doesn't like silver :/ it would be super awesome if you could! thanks!

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