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"Modern Dynasty" DSK's Everything Bracelet

One of a Kind, DSK's Everything Bracelet
***Will be ready to ship in the second week of March***

"Modern Dynasty"
7" .925 Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski Elements
This bracelet belongs to Jennifer from CA <3 target="paypal" action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post">

*Using my new .925 Sterling heart link chain*
Each bracelet is handcrafted down to the link bracelet & clasp
They all have a bit more weight to them.
Higher quality, more Sterling


wuzzyangel said...

Eye CANDY for the wrist! ;)

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

OMG Steph you've been a busy girl! All I did was take a shower & there's bracelets galore <3
Unfortunately the bracelets are not in my budget this week :'(
My bf sent me a box of chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day (one of them was bigger than my hand O_O ) & it made me think that it'd be adorable if you made some pieces with pink strawberries & different colored hearts (lol I was thinking of you while I was munching on the strawberries)
I hope your vaca is going SPECTACULARLY!!!

=Mandy= said...

I love this bracelet! You do such an amazing job Steph! I love That charm in there! Fantastic! <3

Apple Hu said...

Beautiful colors! I think that's one of the trademarks of your jewelries :)

Looking at this bracelet makes me feel so much better when it's ucky outside

Kate Gene said...

That little charm looks like the Saints logo! This would have been perfect to wear on Super Bowl Sunday! :D

Moon.Ink said...

Wooow, looks gorgeous! So colorful (:

Anna said...

Wow. This is so pretty! And loads of updates, thank you!! :D Hope your having fun on holiday (:

Lena said...

Beautiful!! So colorful hun!

- Renée - said...

Ohhh... pretty colors!!

Adele said...

I really like this piece!

Cindy said...

Man! Absolutely fanfreakingtasticly gorgeous girl! Then again, I've never seen a piece of your work that wasn't just down right flawlessly amazing. ;D it's a talent that you have. Lol.

This one feels somewhat asian-ish to me. LOL. Just the colours I guess. Even though, still beautiful. (:

kristen said...

Awesome! Love the Fleur De Leis charm is this colorful bracelet (with me being from Louisiana). Hope I can find more pieces with the Fleur De Leis in them. I would so love to get my aunt a piece of your jewelry! Maybe even like a Mardi Gras Theme would be cool too!

Princess Sparkle said...

Well Done!! I love your bracelets muchly!
Happy Shrove Tuesday =) Pancake day!

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