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"Morrocan Sand" DSK's Everything Bracelet

One of a Kind, DSK's Everything Bracelet
***Will be ready to ship in the second week of March***

"Moroccan Sand"
7" Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Charissa's New Bracelet
To: Canada!


wuzzyangel said...

This one is LOVE! I like how you're using the avante(?) Crystals in the bracelets!

Kate Gene said...

I swear, you always come up with the best names for your pieces! This one would be nice to wear in the fall. Love it!

Lena said...

Love the name of this bracelet.. Amazing colors.. lovely neutral tones <33

Bunny said...

Hooray!! I can't wait to meet this bracelet in person!

All of them were so pretty it was hard to choose! Everything bracelets are my favorite <3

Anonymous said...

Hot bracelet!! :P

Anonymous said...

The theme is so cute. Totally creative and original. Then again, it's DSK. ;D Everything DSK is original and amazingly beautiful.

This is a really hot bracelet.

Kittenhayley said...

This is my favorite braceletso far!
I love the name so much. It would be awesome to see an Arabian Nights themed bracelet. You are so creative and have the best designs and names for your pieces. :) :)

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