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"Seattle's Everything Bracelet IV" by DSK Steph

That's a wrap!

All orders placed after February 4th (included pending payments) will be packaged & shipped when I return in early March. : )
I'll see you girls from Michigan ^_^ Speaking of Michigan, I'm planning on making a bracelet series in honor of the Great Lakes surrounding my home state : ) Go Green!
^^ the "Merlot" Necklace, well a lil bit of it!
For those who place orders after today, there may be a chance I ship your package out before I leave Sunday. Or else, everything will be shipped the second week of March, 2010.

E-mail me if you need anything ~ DSKJewelry@gmail.com
I'm sure I'll be bored on my phone at the airport this weekend : )

***Update*** All the "DSK Everything Bracelets" are sold & have new homes.
Thank you for the great feedback, & e-mails, however I want to announce that I do not want to recreate any of the bracelets. I like to keep it special by making them one of a kind for those who own a one of a kind DSK Everything Bracelet : ). I also like to make what comes to mind, not what is asked...I don't really like restrictions when I spend as much time as I do my art/bracelets/jewelry. I want it to be from my mind, my creation, no one else. Sorry I don't take custom orders. I appreciate your understanding!

I've noticed too that they move quite fast, but I will be making more bracelets in the future.
So let fate be on your side & match you up with "everything" : )

I plan on making more Sea, Music, and Key & Lock themed bracelets in case anyone was wondering : ) I really like white pearls w/ blue crystals so you'll definitely seem more of those!


"Seattle's Everything Bracelet IV" by DSK Steph
7" Sterling Silver
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Going to Canada to meet Kim! : )

"How Bridal"
7" Sterling Silver Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski
Headed to California to meet Audrey!

"Light Amethyst Baroque on Gold"
14K Gold Filled Lovely Earrings

"Smokey Topaz Baroque on Gold"
14K Gold-Filled Lovely Earrings

I loveee the Smokey colors : ) I'm wearing them today ~ I'll post a picture if I can get a good shot of it. haha I suck at "modeling" jewelry. wait, wait, let me correct that.
I suck at wearing my jewelry and taking a picture of it :P
That's why I love my DSK Models <3
I'm talking to one of them now as I type : )
I think I'm always talking to at least one of the models when I'm online.
Let me tell you this, I LOVE MY LIFE. :)

Baroque on my earrrrrr
& p.s. that is so my bathroom.
How's that for Behind the Scenes!?


Pearlholy said...

"How Bridal" is classy and gorgeous! For a moment I thought the silver pearls were little bells. =D!

"Seattle's Everything Bracelet IV" is so colourful, if it weren't for the dark red crystal, I would have mistaken it for a rainbow everything bracelet.

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

The Seattle's Everything Bracelet IV is sooo pretty!!! It reminds me of a bunch of colorful candies in a candy dish!
& I know what you're talking about when you talked about the flower candies lol I love those!
I swear all the sweets in Japan are just way better hehe <3
Have a safe flight!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so we all know that I find your everything bracelets are always amazing, so I thought I would comment on the bridal bracelet. It is sooo gorgeous! I can totally see someone wearing it on their wedding day!

Great job on everything, Steph! Everything you make is so pretty :P

Kimirose said...

The Seattle IV is so beautiful! It seems like a piece that can be worn with something casual and fun as well as with business attire. Also, thank you for keeping each everything bracelet one of a kind. It does make me feel special to know that I am wearing an original, one-of-a-kind piece, especially because I really feel that the bracelets I purchased are suited so well to my personality. :)

I hope that you have a wonderful time visiting with your friends and family, and that you have a safe and happy trip!

Nancy said...

im sad i didn't get the everything bracelet that i wanted, but im definitely looking forward to your new creations!

have fun in michigan steph! don't work too hard while on vacation =]

wuzzyangel said...

YUp DSK is doing my bridal jewelry! LOL! Now we just have to see if I'll ever get married! Haha!!

Ivy said...

Have a great vacation with ur family and friends ;) be safe and don't worry about anything just live for the present right?
Ur gunna come up with so many new ideas while ur having fun. We'll be looking forward to them. Time flies when ur having fun ^o^
ur a beauty so show off ur jewelry on urself more. ur dsk models AND you represent DSK Jewelry publicly and gorgeously cute, lol how many adjectives can I use for ur creation? Just too many but ur creations dazzle me that I can't think of any lmao I'm such a Baka :(
anyways have a great time in michigan!!!
Much love, ivy<3

Mrs.Em said...

Hey my sweet love! I am loving all of the new items that you are creating keep it up love!! =) I need to hint my husband on getting me some of them, lol!

PixyEla said...

Have a great vacation Steph!! Don't work too hard & get as much rest as you can & enjoy your time with family. :) Can't wait for gold pieces in March!!!!
Take care~

Amy said...

I can't believe I missed out on Seatle's everything bracelet! I'm so heartbroken, it's so beautiful and colorful.

I love how you use heartlinks ^_^

How Bridal is so simple, so so classic! Oh, I'm so sad right now. It's such a shame you won't be making any more, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat :D

And the smokey colors are so cute! Would they go down well in an interview? Haha, and you're so pretty, what are you talking about :P I envy your life heaps.

In a previous post, you mentioned made more valentine hearts I believe, So what if you could make a flame crystal, orange, and put a red heart on it? :)

Bye! Kim is a lucky lucky lady!

DSK Steph said...

@Amy, no worries! I will be making more Seattle Series Bracelets : ) hehe maybe when I'm back in Seattle :D

lol I should start a Michigan theme! Think the great lakes!

Anonymous said...

Those two bracelets are so different, but so beautiful! How Bridal looks very clean and classy. Oh and the earrings are suuper cute! (: And you DO well in wearing your jewelry AND taking pictures of it! I love your photo (:

Have a great vacation!

Phally said...

Yayyyy! I can't wait to see more music theme bracelet. Have a safe flight/vacation.

doubley123 said...

How Bridal is gorgous! the round/circular theme is cute.

Princess Sparkle said...

Thats a bEaUtIfUl Bracelet!!
I want one lol!
But i cant afford it atm =(
will save up haha :P

Shiseiten said...

have a great time in Michigan steph! Your stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I am proud to say I am a early owner of your bracelets, and my Alice one is a piece I cherish. :) I always get compliments on it and people often catch that it's an Alice theme. ^_^

Can't wait to see the amazing ideas you come up with next, and enjoy the vacation! :D

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

I commented once here already, but I had to again...your new pic at the top is sooo cute!!!
Are you wearing circle lenses? I've been wanting to try some but Idk which kind or which place I should get them at lol
& you're make up is sooo pretty
Anyways just thought I'd remind you that you're HOTT lol

DSK Steph said...

@Eureka, yeah I'm wearing the Adult Grey by EOS contacts :) I think there's a place called pinkyparadise? I'm not too sure I haven't bought from them yet, but the place I got mine stopped selling contacts :(

Mrs.Em said...

you can order the contacts from here lovies http://www.i-beautyshop.net/

DSK Steph said...

@Mrs.Em thank you, I haven't been to that website b4 : )

Mrs.Em said...

it's cheaper then most place and their having a buy 2 for 50 and get the 3rd one free

CATHLEEN said...

wow the bracelets sell out really quickly. well i'm glad that you will be making more later on.

Shaylie said...

Have fun on your vacation!

Packyx3 said...

xD omg u should make an avatar inspired bracelet since avatar is lyk an awesome movie

DHFSD said...

Steph! I got your necklace today, its so beautiful! more beautiful then what i thought it would be, i really love your BR candies along with them, i ate them all today haha Have fun on your trip cant wait to see what else you create =)

Anonymous said...

Heey (:
I just wanted to say that my order (the Bubbi Bracelet) arrived! And oh my God it is soo pretty!! ((: I love love love it! Thank you so much Steph! :)

yea said...

Just got the snowflake necklace i ordered only 2 days ago! I love it steph!

<3 Melody

DSK Steph said...

@Melody ^_^ glad you got it fast! I had to ship everything quickly before my trip to Michigan :)

Kate Gene said...

I can't believe how long you're going to be away for! *sniff* LOL! No, you totally deserve a vacation... I'm glad you're still posting and tweeting though! :D

You should make more videos! I am subscribed to you on YT. I tried to make a video the other day. FAIL.

ruffles and poof said...

Yay! I'm excited to try and join the Model Search contest. The little diva inside of me has been hoping you would do this again, after I recieved some of your beautiful work.

Btw, I think DSK Frank is my fav.

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