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She Means Serious.


We received our first DSK Model Video Entry!
I've been receiving entries right and left in the model@dskjewelry.com inbox :)
I'm so excited! It's open until June, 2010 everyone is welcome to participate! I love putting a face to a name : )

Now...here's a name & a face I cannot forget, Nonners. lol I love her creative video, it puts a big smile on my face :D
Even though I'm her friend since forever ---she's still gotta work for her spot on Team Model DSK! Bring it!


Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

I pretty much rule.

Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

P.S. VoTe 4 MeEeEeE!!!! Model 'o' da yEAR

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

@ Mrs. Cleanest/Nonners
You are sooo cute/funny! & yes you do pretty much rule lol
That was hilarious hehe good luck, but hopefully I'll be your competition so watch out ;) jkjk
Earlier I was like, why am I up so late when I'm so tired, but then I saw your vid, & I was like huh this must be why I was destined to stay up lol
You kinda gave me the courage to maybe put in a vid entry :)
***Loved it!!!*** <3

CATHLEEN said...

lol at the video. your friend seems awesome and funny. plus pretty. *drools at your jewelry below* soo preeetttyyy.

DSK Steph said...

@Cathleen, thank you :) She is as great friend. We always have a good time together. She makes me laugh!

@Eureka I can't wait for your video! You should do one!

giang said...

lol ur bff is hilarious! loveee it! :) & yes, she is deffff dsk model status worthy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. funny video! I feel the competition is getting fierce! Hahaha!!

DSK Steph said...


"I like how she puts that necklace on to take it off" -Julia Nguyen

Esther said...

Hahahahaha That was great. The video entries are an awesome idea because you can show off more of your personality which can attract more people! And people who can't read! I'm glad that someone finally took advantage of it and even gladdererer that it was someone as funny and amusing as Nonners.

Good luck to Nonners! The sympathy points won me over.

Iyah said...

i love watching your friend! She is awesome and funny! :D

Miss P said...

Ok...everyone else pretty much needs to give up after this! Her video is awesome. Lol...she's sooo funny and pretty!

Kate Gene said...

Nonners is friggin' funny! I love that she. Is. A. Winner. LOL!!!!

xdsingirl said...

Ohhh nonnerss... She is really REALLY funnny. Anyways you must be getting alot of gorgeous models<3 hahah , I can't wait to see the winner . Damn , looking at your models makes me jealous of their looks and their amazing jewelry [: !

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