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"Snow Albedo" DSK's Everything Bracelet

One of a Kind, DSK's Everything Bracelet
***Will be ready to ship in the second week of March***

"Snow's Albedo"
7" Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Michelle!
Your bracelets will be headed to the UK in March :)
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!




wuzzyangel said...

Reminds me of Alice too! ;)

Angela said...

snow albedo and morrocan sand everything bracelet look amazing =D

Kate Gene said...

Someone needs to wear this in Vancouver for the Olympics! It might be the only "snow" they get! XD

Anonymous said...

Would look perfect with the Alice earrings! I love the pearls, really classy!

Lena said...

Absolutely love the colors on this one.. Love baby blue and white together. hehe My favorite colors<33

Anonymous said...

This really does capture the theme of winter/snow. Great job on it!

Anonymous said...

Woooow. This bracelet really reminds me of winter. So pretty. Kinda reminds me of Alice too, which is totally my most favourite character in the world. ^^

Definitely adore the colours.

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