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Blossom on Sale

So...I had to go to Muckleshoot casino to handle some "business," earlier and got caught up there for a few..you know gotta eat my free dinner lol. I don't remember a time when I had to pay for a meal at the casino.

This follow necklace was requested very often since it's been sold out, and I only have a handful of them available. I'm taking $10 off the Blossom necklace to makeup for my lack of post for part 2! Plus, I know quite a few ladies are waiting to make their purchase ~ it's also a thank you for waiting : )

I hope everyone has a good night, and wakes up refreshed :P


Blossom Necklace

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avalonxrose said...

It's so nice of you to take off ten bucks on the Blossom necklace! It'll probably sell out fast, too! :)

Esther said...

Yay part 2! That's so sweet of you to give discount on the blossom necklaces. <3

CATHLEEN said...

lovely earrings below with the leaf attached to it. so adorable.

wow you're so lucky to get free dinner.

i think i'm lacking sleep. i'm like waking up at like 6-6:30 each morning to catch a 1 hour long train to uni. so i'm usually dead when i get back home.

izumi said...

very springy indeed~ :D

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

Mmm you are such a sweetiepants Steph! Always thinking of us girls :)
"Blossom" is so very cute & I'm feeling springy since it was almost 70 out today (even though it might snow tmr haha)
Thanx for the good night wishes...since I have an 8 o'clock exam in the morning, then 11 hours of school (AHHH) & the time change has made my & my bf's times 4 hours apart...it sux when we wanna talk on the phone after he gets off work cuz I have to stay up till like 2:30am (like tonight lol)
I'm so dedicated it's not even funny <3

wuzzyangel said...

For some reason I saw the word "Blossom" in my reader and instantly thought of the Blossom Tv show box set! LOL! WHOA!

Anonymous said...

I love the color combination with the green and pink! So pretty!!

Violet Vo said...

Love "Blossom"!

TrangyPoohツ said...

Wow! The necklace is so pretty C: And that's so nice of you to take off $10 n____n I wish I could buy it xD

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of you, Steph! Thanks! Blossom is sooo cute, girly, and 'springy!'

Susan said...

You are so sweet!! The blossom necklace is beautiful and so tempting with the new price! :D

Anonymous said...

The little flower blossoms are so cute! I love spring time!

Melina said...

i cant sit stilll xD those two flowers are the perfect combo. the green reflects pink, omg its perfect! now excuse me as i jump around the house with joy! (i overeact in positive ways)

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