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DSK Earrings on Sale!

~ Most of the earrings are one of each ~
I'll try to update as they get sold out.
Thanks for stopping by!

"14K Cream French Bow Earrings"
"24K Gold / Copper Hearts Earrings"
"14K Light Amethyst Hearts"
"14K Light Amethyst Baroque Earrings"
"24K Gold Copper Coin Lemon Quartz Earrings"
"14K Lemon Quartz Drops"
"Holly's AB Heart Earrings"

"14K AB Baroque Earrings"
"Rose Gold Bow Earrings"
"Light Amethyst Gold Bow Earrings"

DSK Earring Sale!

"Crystal Gold Bow Earrings"
"Chocolate Gold Bow Earrings"
Sterling Fuchsia Crystal Earrings
"Jonquil & Bows, CZ Heart Earrings"
Plump lil Peridot Stars
Plump lil Peridot Hearts
Plump lil Peridot Flowers
Crystal Butterflies
Crystal Flowers
Fuchsia Crystal Butterflies

DSK Earring Sale Part 2


Pearlholy said...

Yay!!! Pretty little updates <3

I love the "14K Cream French Bow Earrings" and the "Plump lil Peridot Stars" I should definitely get the peridot earrings when I get a job and spoil myself for my birthday 8D Oh ho ho ho~

By the way, I've been showing my mom some of your jewelries. She loved the pearl earrings you gave me and one of the triple star necklaces that I bought a while ago. =D, Just thought I could share this with you. We're planning to visit the family in the US this summer and she allowed me to go on a DSK shopping spree =D! Yay~

Also, just a little curious, will you be making any special piece(s) for Mother's Day? =D

TrangyPoohツ said...

These earrings are gorgeous!! :D I love their uniqueness C:

DSK Steph said...

I should make something for mother's day!

mintylovee said...

saying hellooo from school. (:
i have after school activites but why not check out DSK? xD
the color peridot is very pretty. :D
my friend says he'll buy a neckalce from you eventually for his girlfriend, who he hasn't had yet.
i don't wanna disappoint but it'll take him awhile for him to purchase.
girls just aren't into him. :P

gotta go.
track. -.-

Shiseiten said...

So many earrings! Love the 24k gold/copper hearts the best. :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh pretty earrings! So many different colors and styles!! :D

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ said...

Ooohhh! Your little earring studs are so CUTE! ^.^

katie said...

aww i love the heart and stud earrings

Susan said...

Ohhh so glad to see the studs back!!! You have so many choices this time. :) Fell in love with the Jonquil and Bows!
I am glad to hear you are thinking of making something for Mother's Day. My daughter showed you site to my 86-year old Mom and she loves your jewelry!! Your pieces truly span the generations!

Noriki said...

the golden hooks with a lever is the bomb! too bad i cant afford them! shipping "mac tieng qua" just for earrings xD iihhh!!

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

OMG you've been a super busy artisan while I was at school lol (I believe this is the 1st time I've ever used the word artisan lol)
I LOVE all these earrings! Esp the plump flowers ADORABLE!!!

evelyn said...

Those earrings are adorable, esp the green ones perfect for st. patty's day.

I've browsed around your blog before but first time posting.

theresa! said...

OMG!!! theres STUDS!! .. i felt like a kid in a candy store cos theres sooo many studs (& i kno ur not bothered to make them LOL so this is a rare opportunity) but as i was splurgin on DSK jewellery, in check out it showed all the ones i wanted were SOLD OUT! >.< like WHAT!? *sniff* one of the biggest disappointments in my life.. my candy got snatched away ..

LOL dw i still <3 DSK [[=

Melina said...

cutee!!! you should make more heart earrings! :D

wuzzyangel said...

All of these are soo ELEGANT looking!

Btw I finally fixed all my post earrings! LOL! Now I'm wearing my DSK posts w/ pride again! :)

Flip flop girl said...

yay! earrings my weakness LOL...love them.Looking at these master pieces make me feel soo bad with my lil plump violet butterfly earrings. Thanks Steph for the help! I'll send it to you

izumi said...

the lemon quartz shape looks so pretty!

Helen said...

I love the green Plump lil Peridot Flowers. Unfortunately they're sold out. =( Hope to see more cute stud creations. :)

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