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DSK's Pegasus Baby Doll, Amethyst/Black Diamond

Will be ready to ship March 10, 2010!
1 more week until I'm back to the Northwest
"DSK's Baby Doll Pegasus Crystal Necklace"
18" Sterling Silver Italian Fine Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"DSK's Amethyst/Black Diamond Pegasus Crystal Necklace"
18" Sterling Silver Italian Fine Helix Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

~Bringing back two popular bracelets~

"Bubbi's Bracelet"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"DSK's Wooden Wolf"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski

I plan on making a few more Everything Bracelets this week.
Stay tuned for those! In the future, I plan on making just an Everything Bracelet each week.
I'll catch you all later! Follow me on twitter for the latest updates.



Cara said...

hey steph!! i just started reading the twilight series (i know, i know...i'm slow to hop on the bandwagon) but your bracelet is EXACTLY how i pictured the bracelet to be when jacob gave it to her...it's so cool!!!

ATL said...

Drools over Pegasus necklaces ^___~

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all of these sales!! Thanks, Steph! (Though, I haven't bought anything yet!)Ooohhh!! I've never seen DSK's Wooden Wolf before, but I love the combination of crystals and wood! It's so pretty! And, I love everything else, too! Hey, Steph, are you going to have a sale on DSK's Bubbi Necklace? I don't know, I was just wondering. I was thinking of buying it because I love it; it's my personal favorite!!

Catwin said...

Hi, my name is Cat and I just wanted to drop a random note to say that although I am fairly new around your site I'm awe-struck at how classy and beautiful your pieces are! It's also REALLY good to see a young Viet person not striving to be a doctor and doing what she actually wants because all us Asians are pretty pushed =___=" You're an inspiration to me (especially since I popped your website up and went all, "SEE! SHE'S VIET AND SHES SUCESSFUL!" to my parents XD) and I hope when I can create my own legit company, I'll be doing something I enjoy and not because my parents wanted me to do it^^ When I'm old enough, I hope to buy some of your pieces ^^

Best wishes xoxo~

WLOVEXO said...

The Baby Doll Pegasus Crystal Necklace is so pretty! I named my car Pegasus ;x hahaha. It's white and it has an angel wing decal sticker on the back window, loll. I'm such a cornball. Beautiful pieces <3


Cathy :D said...

bubbi's bracelet :o *loveeeeeeeeeee*

Amy said...

Steph, you never seize to amaze me even when you bring things back from before, you work so hard and i hope you continue to bring joy to all of us DSK fans

Susan said...

Glad to see one of my favorite's - Bubbi's Bracelet back! ^_^
Love the combination of the Amethyst and Black crystals in the Pegasus Necklace. Hope you are planning some 20 and 24 inch necklaces, too. :)

DSK Steph said...

@Amy Thank you :D!

@Susan, I'll try to have more 20" and 24" soon :D

Vanilla said...

awwww the wooden wolf one too pretty! u r too creative!!
too bad im broke atm!LMAO

TrangyPoohツ said...

Woo! (: This month's necklace is so beautiful Steph n.n

Anonymous said...

Pegasus necklaces are so hot! :P

krisanda said...

I love the babydoll pegasus!

wuzzyangel said...

Ahh I've missed seeing sparkle that makes me blind! ANd what a joy that the Pegasus is the first thing I get to see again!! :)

Nancy said...

omg the babydoll!! too bad im so poor =[

the fact that you're on vacation and still put time into making jewelry amazes me! enjoy your last week in the midwest!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, gawd. Your pegasus necklaces are definitely ones to be drooled over... well, not really. But they're definitely ones to be admired by all. (: Totally in love with them.

Jennie said...

OMG the Baby Doll Pegasus Crystal necklace is back!! I wanted to buy that last time but it was sold out >< The Bubbi's Bracelet was one of the bracelets i got last time and it is one of my favorite pieces from DSK ;D The moon swarovski crystal is really gorgeous in real life! It's great to see them again ^^

Hmm I'm debating about whether i should get the pegasus necklace or not =/

Melina said...

Bubbi's bracelet is gorgeous! im sooo glad i have it! and i was so pissed when i lost it >:/ it could be in the wrong hands right at this moment!

Avis said...

oh gosh i really love your pegasus crystal necklaces. they're so gorgeous!! too bad i can't buy anything for now :( but i'm so grateful that you're still making jewelry even though you're on vacation..thank you so much! =]

izumi said...


~Jia~ said...

lol the wooden wolf. seems like its howling under a shiny heart

Toni said...

AHHH! twilight!!! seriously steph! im obsessed!i read the books over 14 times and i cant wait to see what the bracelet looks like in eclipse!! im excited that you made one!!!

sherryberry said...

I think your signature pieces are pegasus's, everything bracelets, and the Bubbi Necklace. Aww, I MISS those gorgeous pegasus's. Look at them sparkle :D
LEMON QUARTZ. That reminds me I'm going to search of a recipe on the internet ...

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