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Fleur de Baroque!

No flash & flash : )Fleur de Baroque
16" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
Large Crystallized Baroque Swarovski Crystal

*Free Shipping on the Fleur De Baroque Necklace*

Have a great weekend everyone!
See you Monday!


mintylovee said...

this is so pretty.
the pendant looks pretty big. :D
and AB! woohoo! lol.
have fun. (:

wuzzyangel said...

Ack!! Double sparkle!! The Baroque & your nails!! :)

Ohh look at the sparkle on this even with NO FLASH!!

siwing38 said...

Hi Steph, can we buy jewelry from past entries, even if they are a month old or so? I've been looking back at your collection and some of the stuff, it seems like it hasn't been sold yet.. Thank you!

MuffinEater said...

I already have a baroque :D Both the small and large one.I love it <3

TrangyPoohツ said...

Omg! I love how you added some French into the title C: Very international! :D And the necklace is soo gorgeous C:

Iyah said...

its just a beautiful piece ♥

Nancy Nguyen said...

my boyfriend just surprised me the other day with the baroque gold filled necklace as a just because present! he got me the CZ & pearl earrings too. ahh i love it =]

he told me i've been talking about dsk so much i've got him checkin your blog now too lol

×Bree. said...

This is the first time I comment on your blog and I just gotta say that all your creations are masterpieces Love them ;x

Apple Hu said...

Pretty, of course.

How do you keep your nails safe when working with jewelry??
I manage to destroy nail polish just by typing on a computer, lol!

Anonymous said...

The baroque is so elegant :)

Melina said...

fancy name!:)

DSK Steph said...

@siwing38 yes you can! anything with an add to cart button is fair game : )

B.Wen said...

omg, so sparkly and beautiful!

Nancy Nguyen said...

my boyfriend surprised me with the gold filled baroque the other day!! (as a just because present) ahhh i love it so much. he got me a pair of CZ & pearl earrings too. =]

lol i've been talking about dsk so much even he's checking your blog now!

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