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Gimme Gold DSK!

To start off with the gold necklaces, I'm bringing back the two favorites.
This following week I'm dedicating to DSK Gold ;)
I will be posting new necklaces this week, but again all my gold pieces are limited in quantity.
First come, first priority as always.
So it's up to you really if you want to wait...to see what's new and then order at once, or..order now.

***Please note that I won't be able to combine shipping unless you place them within the hour because I have DSK Packages shipped out daily now that I'm back working.***

Free USPS Priority Shipping on all orders over $100
$4.95 value for my USA peepz
$12.95 value for everyone else!

Thank you for your support!
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Tweet me & I'll tweet you back (or try my hardest)!
I'm trying to make it a habit to have it open on my desktop.
I think everyone I know...leaves their twitter open...yeah I'm join the club!

"The Bf/Gf Necklace"
14K Gold-Filled (100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry)
18" (45cm) 14K Gold-Filled Necklace & Findings
Crystallized Swarovski

"Holly's Famous Starfish/Moon Necklace"
14K Gold-Filled (100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry)
16" (40cm) 14K Gold-Filled Necklace & Findings
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

For fun, can everyone who visit leave me a comment of where you're from?
City, State, Country? Because I'd love to travel some day & it would be so awesome to meet up (that is if you wanted to meet up, lol)

I know for sure I'd definitely love to visit Australia & the UK!
My mom says traveling is one of the most important educational experience anyone can ever have in their lifetime. She told me to save up & travel the world. I agree!
I love eye-opening experiences, don't you?

Now tell me, a/s/l!!!!

22/f/Bellevue, Washington USA!

lol jk jk
The "l" is good, even though I'm curious to know all your ages as well!


Yuki said...

:] Glad you're back. I live in LA, Cali, not much to do here ]: But.. I guess we can go to Disneyland LOL. Or something of the sort <3

babi_anjel23 said...

oOo!! am i the first? [[=

well the names Theresa! 22/f/SYDNEY!! i'll be more then happy to get you to crash at my place, or should i say my parents place LOL we're viet so we're ALL FAMILY ROFL

Me said...

the gold pieces are really nice.. i am going to wait to see more this week. You want to know where I am from.... Boston, MA and I am 26 :) but I act like I am still 21 hahaha :D

Michelle said...

the bf/gf necklace is too cute (:

asl: 15 [tomorrow is my birthday... so 16?]/F/VA

I wanted to let you know that I wear my 1/4 frosted strawberry on helix necklace just about every day.
I love it so much :D

Bunny said...

23/f/ AB, Canada <3

Come have lunch in the great white north!

huong. said...

hmm. I already told u where I live but okay. lol
17/f/Portland, OR

Kat said...

20/f/San Jose, CA (USA)

yay! I love gold jewelery! I like shorter chains, though. Would you ever make any chokers? or... super short chains that are almost like chokers?

Apple Hu said...

Oooh, gold! I never even knew there was a difference between gold filled and plated... wow.

The bf/gf necklace is so cute. I wonder which is which. XD

17/f/Syracuse, New York! It's not got much worth visiting... but we had a great basketball team at SU :D

xmyheart said...

the necklaces are very pretty!! i like how on the bf/gf necklace the two hearts compliment each other... [the colors]

and i also like holly's famous starfish/moon necklace.. i think the pink-ish/purple-ish color goes well with the gold~!

loving the necklaces!!!

23/f/redmond ^^

tessatham said...


Haha Steph come visit me :) Bellevue is close enough :P Or .. you could come visit me in Singapore when I move!



Mary said...

Yay, I love gold jewellery! It looks better on my skin tone. The BF/GF necklace is really cute!

A/S/L is so oldschool! Love it ;)

25/F/Melbourne, Australia

I would love to travel more too, especially around Europe. Travelling definitely gives you a learning experience.

- Renée - said...

I've always found the starfish Moon necklace very pretty!! It's adorable!!

I would really love to visit Australia too, as well as several European countries like Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Spain... There is just sooooo much history there!

As for myself, I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick is the Canadian province right next to the state of Maine (to the east) :)

Kat said...

21/f/Berkeley, CA USA

You're right, following you on Twitter makes it so much easier to keep up with you & make sure I don't miss any updates!

Linda said...

17/f/Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada ♥

Irene said...

Hey Steph! :)

I'm from boring old Frisco, TX, USA!!! I know what you mean about travel though - once you go somewhere new and different, you will NEVER forget it - and it is so utterly amazing and addicting!

I love the name of your newest Bf/Gf necklace in Gooooooold! It reminds me of my Happy with a twist! ;)

Finally, you've probably been tagged a million times, but I tagged you in an award since you definitely inspire me! ^_^

Kittenhayley said...

Hi, I love the new DSK gold jewelry and I can't wait to buy some! :)
By the way, I'm from Conroe, Tx and I'm 23. My birthday is coming up on April 10th so I know I will be ordering something new soon,lol
My boyfriend is saying he thought my 2 new everything bracelets were a birthday present ;) Hahaha!!

DSK Steph said...

<3 it! lol everyone knows a/s/l!


adrienne said...

Hey Steph! Yay you've made it back safely! I love the gold, looks gorgeous as usual. =D

20/F/Orlando, FL

Joannababy said...

i'm Joanna! 18/F/Union City, California! boing old Union City ): can't wait to transfer to Fresno State University, a good 2-3 hours away! :D Nursing major <3

Esther said...

The Bf/Gf necklace is soooo pretty! I've been dreaming about traveling the world for so long now! I want to visit almost all the continents! Africa seems a bit dangerous D: .. Anywho! 19/F/Very close to Washington D.C. VA! My town name doesn't usually ring a bell. :p

Maritza said...

20/f/San Francisco, CA. USA

Maritza said...

I forgot to finish my thought! LMAO!
I love the bf/gf necklace! I wish my boyfriend would buy me something of yours! GRRRR... hahah I never have enough when you put something I love out! darnit it to me!!!
I want to travel too!!!

wuzzyangel said...

You know my a/s/l already! LOL!

And even though I'm a silver girl at heart even I have to say DSK in Gold is sweeeeet! :)

Cara said...

wow i haven't heard anyone use that term in a LONG time....wow it brings back memories of asianavenue...and "my 411" and all that other good stuff LOL

22/f/Toronto CANADA~~

SharBEAR =) said...

oo very nice gold pieces!! always loved the bf/gf one!! =) come visit new york steph!! haha lol 21/f/ny


Kate said...

Kate/21/Columbus, OH BUT sometime between June and September I am moving to Seattle with my fiance!!!!!!! It is the city of our dreams - we visited once and never wanted to leave. I hope I can meet you someday when I am there *^.^*

SiMPLY NGOC said...

i actualLy have the star moon necklace && i love it!! :)

piece of advice: i looooove the everything bracelets but i would realLy like to see some newer, different pieces.

Kissyfur said...

Welcome back and I know Minh is excited for you to be back.

Not a big fan of gold but the gf/bf necklace is really gorgeous. Love the star and moon necklace (BoF theme).

I live in LA (Louisiana not L.A.). Alot of people get confused with that. Age (I feel old).

CreaMoon said...

yay! gold!!

must wait to see more.

I'm from San Jose CA

PixyEla said...

23 (tomorrow is my bday so technically 24 XD)/f/ON, Canada

Australia & the UK are on my list as well and so many European countries. You HAVE to go to Paris if you haven't already. I loveeee it there. =)

p.s. I love Holly's famous starfish/moon necklace!!!!!:D

xSimply Reikox said...

The BF/GF necklace is gorgeous...

Hehe, 22/f/Virginia Beach, VA :D

Pinky said...

Omgosh, I haven't heard of the term "a/s/l" in so long!

19/F/ San Jose, CA :) (It's boring here though hahaha!)

BichPhuongV said...

This is fun ^^. I read comments and feel like reading the profile of a Miss competition.BTW,22/F/Sacramento,CA,USA!!!

P.S.I'm counting day by day for my DSK packages. I'm excited ^-^

katie said...

18 / f / fairfax, virginia (:

Noriki said...

oh i would like to see chokers too !!! like Kat!!! <333

Noriki said...

wanna chat with me ;) mine is 24/f/montreal, canada *wink wink*

cant wait to see your goldie collectiooon girl!! <333 i got your jackpot package too!!! im wearing it right now mwahahhaa ^o^

Amy said...

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada....also known as Winterpeg, not much to do. However we do have the world longest frozen river trail for skating :)

mang0 said...

Loving the gold necklaces =D
18/F/Calgary AB Canada
=D hope you come visit! Although there isn't much to do >< hehe

CATHLEEN said...


i agree with your mother on traveling being one of the most important educational experiences. i love to travel. ALOT. i've been to china, america (toured Washington, San Fransisco, Boston, LA, las vegas and many more) thailand, singapore, japan and canada. i've learnt so much in those places because my family and i go on tours to historical sites. it's just really interesting. i love the different cultures i get to experience overseas.

definitely save up and travel. it'll be loads of fun. and stop by australia :D

sexii mola mola said...

21/f/maryland :)

Jessica said...

21/f/oc & norcal,usa

oooh the gold looks fabulous steph! & i <3 the starfishies & moon combo! dangit steph! you tempt me tooooo much!

Emmeline L. said...

Love the BF/GF necklace!! And especially since it's in gold - can't wait to see what other gold pieces you'll whip out this week!

21/f/New Jersey (living in Connecticut for school right now though!)

DSK Steph said...

@Emmeline! Hiii! :D

Cyd said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww It's super duper duper cute!! && I totally agree with your mom. I travel a lot too heheheee...

Im from NEW YORK. hahahahaa COME TO NYC. We can go shopping hehee

Melina said...

woahh... thats all i have to say

14/f/Olympia, Washington USA
hahah were not that far! ^_^ (no creepines intended. im too young to be a creeper)

izumi said...

LMFAOOO.. a/s/l/.. you're too much xD

20/f/CA.. socal.. you knoowwww (: we've talked about this! hahaaa. come visitttt. or just straight up move here.

love the bf/gf one.. soo prettyy :D

Shiseiten said...

20/f/Santa Barbara CA

Turning 21 in June and living here in beautiful Santa Barbara for photo school. :D I love traveling, and my aim is to make it to Japan in the next 5 years. I've waited too long to go. I am ready. I was even thinking of living there for a year or so. Get my Japanese fluent, and just be somewhere else. :)

can't wait to see other gold necklaces! really hoping for some emerald and light siam colors. :D

xj.huangx said...

Hey Steph! =]
I really admire your hard work and time that you put into your beautiful jewelry and smiles that you put on everyone's face =] Keep up the good work =]

22/f/Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Pearlholy said...

Welcome back Steph!

I really like the gf/bf necklace! This must be a sign! I should nag my boyfriend to get me a necklace! Ha! I love the pearl earrings you've sent me! Very cute and delicate! I'm not sure if I can wear them for long since I have allergies but I'll keep wearing them until my ears fall out (okay maybe not)!

I live in Canada! I'm your neighbour, come visit us =( We have maple syrup?

L.Cua said...

Apple Hu I live like 1hr from syracuse!!

Nancy said...

Nancy, 21/f/Chicago

representing chi-town =] haha

i love the gold jewelry steph. i can't wait to own one of your gold necklaces!!

Avis said...


Goodness I really like those gold necklaces!! Especially the gf/bf one ^^ it looks so cute yet simple and elegant =)
by the way....
I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii <3 I'm currently 2500 miles away from home though =[ (I got to school in Forest Grove, OR) but it makes me appreciate everything that much more when I go home for the summer!!

I'm really looking forward to more of your gold necklaces!! They're all so gorgeous~ :)

ATL said...

Lolz.. A/S/L is old school! Reminds me of my high school years! I remember one time asking another person's ASL, the response was quiet amusing: "Old enough/Yes/You name it." Anyhow... I noticed that there are only 3 ppl that are older than me while skimming through the comments. I feel so old compared to majority of your fans. I'm 23.25/f/california

Mable said...

I love the bf/gf necklace, it's cute! I hope you had fun during your vacation and a safe trip back. oh and a/s/l/ is 19/ F/ Oakland, California USA.

helen said...

hi steph!
i'm a long time follower, first time commenter!

OOohhh.the purple looks pretty with the gold chains. i think a dark purple will stand out more though. it reminds me of royalty colors. that and red and gold.


etanni said...

wow! so beutiful!(love ur work)

name is eloisa 18 years live in alaska (school time only) and return to peru the rest of the year

Cookie said...

Oh Hai!! visit Australia!! would be a happy to take you around ^^~~ WHOO!!

19/f/Australia ^^

Sarah said...

Hi Steph!! :) Like everyone else is saying, I love love love the bf/gf necklace! But I'm wondering if you could make both of the ...I think they're called baits? Or bails? (But I'm referring to the small piece that holds the crystal to the chain) Anyway, would it be possible to match them? I really like the one that holds the gold heart better, just like the one for the baller necklace. <3

But anyway...
19/f/San Antonio, Texas!
And you are more than welcome to come visit whenever you'd like! Minh too!
Although, not until August...I'm moving from my cramped 1 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom then! :D
I'll cook you all kinds of yummy Korean food.

T-TTEZZA said...

18/f/SYDNEY BABY !!!!

oh cmon who doesnt love sydney
drop on over
and we can have this MASSIVE group meet :D :D

Kate Gene said...

27/F/close to your place as you already know! LOL!!!!

Tiffany said...

Steph, you are bringing back a/s/l! Those were the AOL days! haha
Is it harder to work with fine jewelry than the regular chains you have used in the past?

Pong said...

glad ur back safely! can't wait to see more of ur addicting necklaces!

22/f/San Diego, CA

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

21(woohoo)/F/Rapid City, SD (...the place where Mt Rushmore is lol)
I'm originally from Osaka Japan & I go there off & on cuz a third of my family's there, & I'm kinda from Seoul Korea cuz a third of my family's there too lol
We can travel the world together ;)

Julie said...

Hey Steph :)
17/f/Sydney, Australia. Come visit ^____^

Line said...

My name is Line, I'm 23, F, and I live i Aalborg, Denmark :-D

TrangyPoohツ said...

These necklaces are gorgeous! I especially like the Bf/Gf one (: It is so beautifully done! n_____n

I dunno much about a/s/l so I dunno what that means, but could guess a = age and s = sex, I have no clue how l could equal State/Provence xD

B.Wen said...

Hi! I love your jeweleries. I personally think they're pretty and eye- catching. The bf/gf necklace is so beautiful.
Bao Wen/20(going to be 21)/f/ KL, Malaysia. But I'm currently residing in Perth, Australia for my studies ;)

Julia said...


Julia/f/Boston, MA USA!

Julia said...

BTW, LOVE the gold necklaces; so cute!

Julia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roxy0818 said...

Hi Steph!

The necklaces are beautiful!

23/F/ Ottawa,Ontario,Canada

Mika said...

Hi i really like the unique designs that you make and how you value your customers and their opinions ^^
You inspired me to have more courage in pursuing my dreams and i hope other people have also been inspired =D thx a lot.I'd like to meet you one day!!!
P.S i also LOVE traveling!!

15(turning 16 in June!!!)/f/Sydney,Australia!!!

Amatory Watches said...

I would love to have that pendant which is having star and moon together, how mush its cost by the way?

Lara said...

Another brilliant collection entrusted by DSK! Steph I always tell you not only your collecton is gold but your hands too!:-)
BTW I'm from Malta(Europe) I guess you know already!:-)

annie said...

omg i havent typed that in ages.
Takes me back to the good old icq days hahaha
Come visit me in Australia! i'll give you a personalised guided tour of Sydney LOL

Sian said...

My names Sian. 17 (almost 18)/f/ Boston, Lincolnshire, England.
I absolutely love looking at your jewellery and dream of the day when I can buy one of your pieces! I absolutely adore all of the music themed pieces you've done and so especially dream that it will be music themed when the day comes that i have enough to spend on one of your amazing pieces!

Dana said...

24/f/Washington, DC!

If you came to visit I'd definitely show you all the cool monuments! And, if you're ever here in April, the Cherry Blossom Festival is incredible!

Tammy said...

You just brought me back to the AOL chat room days!!!!! LOL 26/f/nj & u??? haha!!

You should come to the nj/ny area...we have some great blogger ladies here!!!

I'm buying myself a DSK jewelry piece for my bday next month...what's a MUST have piece in your opinion..??

Ashley Elaine said...

I love all of your jewelry! I've GOT to get some extra money to be able to shop! but I just got a second job, so I'm sure I'll be placing an order very soon!
22/f/gate city, va (a tiny, tiny, TINY, dot in Virginia, lol)

ladys0ul said...

mid 20's/F/Vancouver, Canada

& I can't wait to see all your other gold pieces. I'm a gold girl myself, I don't know.. I just prefer gold over silver.

MuffinEater said...

Heyyy ^^

In the U.K England, Birmingham. Birmingham sucks :O London is better, there's a lot more to do in London,even though Birmingham is supposed to the second Largest City in England....Geez O.o

F.Y.I the U.k has crappy weather,hehe.Don't forget your umbrella =P

I'm 16.Wooot wooot and probably one of your youngest followers.Wooo :3 One day I will travel the world...

Dina (XYYan) said...


Love all your gold pieces :)

L.Cua said...

i thought i left my asl guess i didnt

23-this Sat :) /F/Houston but currently living in Evans Mills NY (Fort Drum-army wife)

i love your gold pieces!!!

Theresa said...

21 today :D/f/Irvine, CA

Traveling is always a lot of fun. I wish I have the time to that right now but must finish my degree first. XDDDD

bunny1218 said...


Annie said...

14/F/Vancouver, BC Canada! :)

I love all your pieces Steph! especially all the everything bracelets that seem to sell out in a matter of seconds. Keep up the great work!

kaydayyx3 said...

i live in biloxi, mississippi! it's a very, very small town. and i suggest NOT visiting here, lol. well, we do have a few casinos here which you would probably like. but i'd say just save your money and go to las vegas! haha.

Alma said...

ooo, goooold! i love me some gold. pieces are pretty ... but they always are!

32/f/Fremont, CA

i wonder if i'm the oldest? ;)

Issy said...

My mom thinks that traveling and experiencing all the 'wonders' of the world is important as well! Especially since she had kids (me) at such a young age and was unable to do so herself.

I'm am located in Minnesota =]

Caroline :] said...

21/f/Fountain Valley, CA

MOVE TO CA so we can go on shopping sprees together!! xD

simple informationn. said...

i can finally comment! xD
before, i didn't a blogspot, so on commenting, only looking. -.-
but now i can!!

i think i might be the youngest one. xD

13/f/Kansas City, MO.
my friend is begging me for some odd reason to put her old age on here but she's: 19/f/Kansas City, MO.
and we're both Viet! xD

it'll be awesome if you can check out our blog. even though it's like poo, but no force since you're always busy.

i should stop typing now!
the comments too long! XD
but the gold pieces are gorgeous!

thankies for reading if you did. xD

much love, support, & smiles,
- Stacy & Molly. :D

Mayra said...

woohoo shipment!!
that means the waiting
is almost over!!
aaaggh i'm so stoked :D:D:D

21yrs/f/Aurora|Chicago, Illinois US

But i totally agree with your mom on the whole traveling philosophy. I too one day plan to visit the world :D

Love & Rockets,

Yim said...

Hey guys I wanted to just take a minute and ask if anyone is interested in donating to the American Cancer Society. I'm doing a Relay for Life at my college and I can use all the support I can get. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and it will be going towards a good cause: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=14571840&fr_id=20640&pg=personal

shawdyyy said...

Hey Steph! I'm glad you're back and now working on more necklaces! Because they're my favorite.
My name is Sheng, 19 years old, and i'm from Saint Paul, MN. I've been living here since last summer 2009. It's alright over here. & sure, if one day you come over here in MN lets meet up! lols.. love ya hunn.

shawdyyy said...

oh, & i probably forgot to mention the boyfriend & girlfriend necklace. is that AB clear? it's gorgeous!!!

Susan said...

Love the Gf/Bf Necklace!! It is my favorite of your gold jewelry.

f/Virginia near Washington DC

CreaMoon said...

I love DSK Jewelry

wndxox said...

i love the bf/gf necklace. it's so pretty, definitely on my wishlist :)
I'm Wendy, 17 years old, from Melbourne Australia. You should visit Australia sometime - I'm still waiting to visit USA :D

JeanieOBeanie said...

Will you be getting any white gold in the near future?

Jan said...

a 'young' 41/F/Nova Scotia, Canada

Come for a visit Steph! My Canadian province is also home to actress Ellen Page and singer Anne Murray, just to name a few.

Check it out for yourself:


Princess Jae said...

My names Jeanny and i live in Sydney, Australia ^^
you should totally come to Australia one day !

Bronwyn said...

Hey 20/f/South Africa

Quynh said...

My very first DSK necklace is the Holly's Famous Starfish/Moon Necklace. It is soooo pretty! I just love the color combination, and the moon and starfish crystals are so darling! I love to wear this on its own, or layer it with another long gold chain link.

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