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Holly Ann-Aeree FTW! :D

By the way, the Stephanie she's talking about is me! We're shout out buddies (except I had to private all my old videos cause of family stalking reasons) lol : )

Thank you Holly for being a great friend & believing in me from day 1. *HUGS*
I told you that you would be famous on Youtube one day :P!!!
haha, now do you believe me?!

Visit her!
Twitter too!

Also, my birthday is this Sunday : )
Shout out to April 4th's Babies!!!
Stay tuned to my Twitter, Youtube, Beauty Blog & THIS blog this week & weekend for some DSK Birthday Giveaways!


"Fuchsia Jet Pegasus"
17" Italian Sterling Silver Helix Necklace
*2 Now Available*


hellokitty_07 said...

WOW...finally! lol I've been checking out your blog for like almost every single frickin day for the past 4 months, and this is my 1st time commenting YAY!!! I would've earlier but I forgot my google password and I don't use it as often, NEways I love LOVE all your creations, you're so creative and quite inspirational. Keep up the great work.Btw i found out about you through holly ann aeree's and bubbi's youtube channel :D sorry this is so long haha I'm just so excited, i'll keep it short next time.

mintylovee said...

so sweet of holly and happy early birthday!
let's countdown together. xD

hollyannaeree said...

haha yehyuhhh! shoutouts! lol. love it.

thanks so much for everything! i wouldnt even have youtube or blog if it wasnt for you : ) you def. were a big kick start to my subscribers & friends as well : )


DSK Steph said...

*gasp* THE Hollyannaeree commented on my blog!!!

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

Steph you're like such an AWESOME friend to everybody!!!
That is way kewl that you got Hollyannaeree started w/ all this so that girls (like me :) can watch her sweet vids & blog! hehe
Seriously though, I don't make vids or post blogs... (yet? lol), but you're the main reason I started watching all the gurus, reading blogs, & tweeting <3

Susan said...

Thank you for inspiring so many people. I have learned so much about blogging and am now interested in Twitter because of your inspiration!! :D

Sour Lollipopp said...

best wishes from meh to you* ^o^

Sour Lollipopp said...

soo cute~!!!!!!!!11 just like usual -^w<-
thank-you for all the hard work!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watch people's youtube videos a lot and it looks like a whole lot of fun and I'm often tempted to start making vids, but I can't imagine how I would find the time with being in uni. I'm sure it can be done, just takes a little bit of time management. :P

TrangyPoohツ said...

Loll aww, she sounds like such a sweet girl C: And I love the jet Pegasus! :D

Susan said...

Love your Fuchsia Jet Pegasus especially with the 2-leaf bail on the Pegasus Crystal! Hoping to see it on a 20 inch necklace.

Anonymous said...

Steph! I absolutely love your Jewelry, and I've been wanting to get a necklace from you since August of last year but I never had the chance to ask for it. :/ But now I have my birthday is coming up: April 7th and I'm a Spring Baby, and I will be 17! I think I have the chance to get one of your necklaces! I love 'a love like ours', 'large titanic heart' and 'sparkly lil hearts' necklaces! I think they are wonderful and I hope you keep up your awesome creative ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! :)x

Iyah said...

Holly is such a pretty girl - and so are you!! =)

wuzzyangel said...

LOL Steph, you & Holly would be famous no matter what! That's what I believe! :)

victoriachijosie said...

My birthday is 1 day after yours, april 5th !(:

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