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March 18th, 2010!

"Baller Gone Gold" <--Finally right?! 20" 14K Gold Filled Necklace $65

Golden Leaf 20" Necklace
*1 Available*

"Provence Lavender Black Diamond Royal Pegasus"
20" 14K Gold Filled Necklace

"Fern Green Moonlight Royal Pegasus"
20" 14K Gold-Filled Necklace

These are my new pieces, and I hope you like them as much as I do! : )
Minh & I are going out to dinner now, I gotta go get ready!

See you later!

p.s. Check out Emi's blog! http://emimonster.blogspot.com/
She posted her LovEros Everything Bracelet!


Kae said...

These look amazing in gold! :)

izumi said...

your bails are so pretty :D

and yay lavender!

Violet Vo said...

Wow...These necklaces are beautiful, esp. I love "Baller Gone Gold" ^^.

Susan said...

LOVE the Baller in gold!

Gee said...

Pretty! I like the gold! Wish I could afford it lol

Angela said...

fern green really matches the gold =]

rawrrcharr said...

These are so pretty ! <3

disilluzional88 said...

The Fern Green Moonlight Royal Pegasus necklace is so gorgeous. The gold complements the fern green so well. Great new color!

TrangyPoohツ said...


mintylovee said...

green is just so puurty. :D
i love the baller necklaces.
even better in gold. (:

have fun at dinner.
save me some food!

Jessy said...

omg the "Baller Gone Gold" necklace is beautiful! I've added a few things to cart already...my boyfriend's gonna help me decide what to order soon! ^_^ Can't wait to own my first piece (or pieces!) of DSK jewelry!!

Liana said...

wow those are sooo pretty! love the green!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the gold stuff!! I've always liked gold and both my rings I wear everyday are gold, but I don't have a gold necklace yet... ;)

echox3 said...

Hey Stephanie!
LOL i finally found out how to leave comments. xD lame i know. haha. i just saw the "comments" link thingy. hahaha sorry im really blind.
ahh i love the new products, especially Marisa's necklace! the colors are soo pretty! (:


Esther said...

So much bling! I really like the Fern Green one! The green and gold go along together so well. And oh, how I love the Baller necklaces. They've always been a favorite.

ToniJin said...

oh steph! your jewelry is so beautiful! my husband was like "CAN YOU PLEASE WAIT TILL YOURS COME IN BEFORE YOU ORDER MORE" and i said "I LOVE IT EVEN IF IT HASNT ARRIVED YET!" hahah but i know you shipped the necklaces.. im just impatiently waiting hahah.

Emmeline L. said...

The lavender color AND pegasus? That is becoming too much of a temptation for me haha ><

CATHLEEN said...

i simply adore your sterling silver collection. work of art.

i'm having a crummy day after my bag that i bought on ebay broke within 2 days of using it. such crap quality. anyway coming on dsk really lightens the mood. and team dsk seems fun to just chill and relax with. such a fun and nice bunch of people.

wouldn't it be awesome if the whole dsk team could meet up one day wearing your jewelry?

Kelly said...

These are lovely! I just got my bonus from work the other day and guess how I spent it? On DSK!! It says my package is shipping out soon; I'm soooo happy and excited to get my four presents *squeals. After those arrive I'm spending the remainder of my bonus on this lovely business of yours.

Victoria said...

WoW!! The gold baller and the Lavendar pegasus are gorgeous!! :)

Melina said...

i know ive said this a million times, but i really love the gold bails

Vanessa :) said...

Lol,this is my first time looking at this blog and I've instantly fallen in love. The first heard about DSK, was through my friend Peggy who bought a really beautiful necklace here. WHile looking I couldn't help but drooling at 3 necklaces that caught my eye, Provence Lavender Black Diamond Royal Pegasus, Cresant moon and starfish combo and Bubbi's necklace. Their soooo PRETTY. And though i can't afford to get one now in the near future, i hope to do so. But till then I couldn't keep these pretty necklaces to myself so i shared this link with all my friends , even the guys. :) One of the guys i know even said he loves the way it sparkles, and that he thinking of buying his girlfriend one. I'm so jealous but I'd never tell him that.

wuzzyangel said...

I need to get me a balla one day! Ooooh Pegasus!!! :) The spring colors look good with the pegasus! :)

jellyicemilkbar said...

love love LOVE the Provence Lavender Black Diamond Royal Pegasus Necklace

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