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March 22, 2010

Marisa took me to the Seattle Animal Shelter today, and I feel in love with so many adorable dogs! It's so sad that they're homeless, but the shelter was so nice & clear.
The cats have it best! They get to stay in inside "condos."

I wish I could adopt them all.

Rose Pink Pendant Necklace
16" Sterling Heart Link

"Titanic Velvet Signature Necklace"

Titanic Velvet

"PH Heart Signature Necklace"

PH Heart

"Light Sapphire Love Bait Earrings"
Sale: $15


mintylovee said...

the purple PH is just so pretty.
there are different colors in it. :D
the titanic purple is just deep in color and mesmirizing, while rose pink pendant is just girly and cute. xD
and i've volunteered at a shelter. :D
i took care of soo many cute puppies especially this lonely shar pei.
it was just soooo cute. >.<
i wanted to take him home!

but anyways,
byee!! :D

Liana said...

wow, those ones are soooo gorgeous!

Flip flop girl said...

wow love the purple hue!!!!!
how about a gold version of both the titanic velvet and PH heart?

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ said...


Those new necklaces are amazing!
The rose pink looks so serene, it'd look soo cute with a pink summery dress!

WOW! Is the Titanic velvet a new crystal! So pretty!! Luv its purpley blue colour!

HAHA! I know how you feel! I was at the animal shelter not to long ago and you can get so sad looking at the dogs and cats there wishing to be adopted! :( and then they start meowing and barking which makes you want to take them home even more!

Wish I could give them some kitty or dog mansion! XD

Angela said...

dogs and kitties are always adorable =]it's good that they have a nice environment.

- Renée - said...

Wow that pink teardrop shaped crystal looks lovely!! :)

mi55j said...

I love the color of the Rose Pink Pendant. It's so light.

TrangyPoohツ said...

Aww that so sad!! D: I haven't been to an animal shelter before so I dunno what it feels like but I love animals (: Dogs are my favorites but kittys are so cuute :D

The pink pendant necklace is SOOO adorable!! xD It kinda has a strawberry theme to it, like strawberry drops or something..

And the PH and Titanic one are so cheap and pretty!! D: Its too bad I'm missing out on all these sales.. D:

Popcorn said...

luv your necklaces~ hahahahaha sooo sparkly and purtty.

siwing38 said...

I wish I could adopt all the animals at the shelter too !! :(

Pretty necklaces, as always! I wish I could get one, one day :)

Shiseiten said...

Is titanic velvet different from the other titanic on the bubbi? They look different in the pictures, but sometimes it's hard to tell with pictures how it will look on a person. They are really beautiful though! It always makes me happy to come home from a stressful day and see your beautiful jewelry. Thank you steph.

Apple Hu said...

Ah! I used to volunteer at the SPCA, and the little puppies always made me feel so sad ;_;

The purple velvet is gorgeous! Have you used that color before, or is it new?

jellyicemilkbar said...

:O the PH and the Titanic are both so pretty! I can't even decide which I like better (:

xSimply Reikox said...

Whoo, more beautiful pieces! I love the pink stone - sooooo pretty!

I would love to adopt a dog one day... Sadly I can't since my handicapped brothers are afraid of anything that moves (aside from us!). One day though...

Christina said...

I absolutely adore the heart link chain! I bought a heart link bracelet with an AB heart a few months ago. The heart has since fallen off (and lost), but I wear the chain anyway because it's so cute! :)

Keep doing what you do best! Your jewelery has ignited desire in so many girls and I think that that's amazing!

I check your site every day for some eye candy. DSK Jewelry > cute boys! :D

wuzzyangel said...

I'm blinded by the sparkle!! Oohhh The PH!!!! @_@

Cyndi said...

Thanks so much for making the Titanic Velvet heart into a necklace! I can't wait to get it. =)

SummerBabe said...

They are all soooooo pretty ;)



Tammy said...

The Titanic necklace is so pretty!! Now I have that Titanic song stuck in my head..."near, far, where ever you are..."

izumi said...

love the shape of the pendant :)

Susan said...

The Rose Pink Crystal is GORGEOUS!!! I love the color and cut of the crystal!!

Melina said...

yeah, i adopted my dog at a shealter. she hated it so much there, that she refuses to go into places like petsmart or a groomers place because she the smell reminds her of it. she is probably thinking "No! don't leave me!!" poor thing. anyways, i love the heart crystals!

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