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March 4, 2010 DSK's Everything Bracelets

One month until my birthday! Woohoo! Kinda lol
I dunno how I feel about being a year older.
It is my last full month of being 22.
21 was awesome, 22 was awesome, I hope 23 will be awesome as well.
I hope the level of awesomeness just increases with age :D

Enjoy the everything bracelets!
I just have 1 more to share tomorrow, and I'm packing up to fly back to Seattle.
I'm going to spend the rest of March working on 14K Gold Jewelry & finally introduce the 14K White Gold on the jewelry blog. ^_^V

"Spring Flowers"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Jennifer!

"Pink Charming"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Evelyn!

"Oh So Sweet"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
***Thank you Jennifer!***

"Crystal Crescent"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Joanna!

"Saltwater Fresh"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Michelle!

"La La La"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
Thank you Evelyn!

"Spring Occasion"
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

Thank you Alice!

1 More Everything Bracelet tomorrow.
The next sets will debut in April. It's been a lot of fun making them.
I'm going to spend next week working on the few custom everything bracelets, so stay tuned for new necklaces!

Thank you for all for your interest in DSK Jewelry & for visiting the jewelry blog.



Nancy said...

your bracelets are captivating!

my boyfriend's birthday is today actually =]...you guys are only a month apart!

Angela said...

saltwater fresh looks awesome. deff makes me want to go to the beach.

~*~Eureka~*~ said...

These bracelets are gorgeous (as always) but my hospital bill from when I was sick last week is looking like several thousand dollars ...
:'( No shopping for me for a little while.
Is there a bracelet between "Oh So Sweet" & "Crystal Crescent"?
I love the Crystal Crescent btw <3
I hope your vaca was amazing (spring break starts tmr for me :D )

TofuCustard said...

If I had money that I could spend. I would totally nab one right now..

Kissyfur said...

I am in love with all these bracelets (specially the spring flower one). Sad that I can't get any this pay day. My car decided to act funny so its in the shop!

Congrats to all who snatch these beautiful bracelets ^^.

Me said...

lovely bracelets... can't wait to receive mine ... thanks :)

Joannababy said...

i made a routine check on your site and noticed that you had a new batch of bracelets (!!?!?) and i hurried to purchase "Pink Charming", but it was unfortunately sold ): then i rushed to purchase "La La La", but that was sold out as well. so i turned to my third favorite, which is "Crystal Crescent", and BINGO! thank you, Steph! :D

Mary said...

Looking forward to your necklaces, I love gold jewellery! All your bracelets are gorgeous, as per usual, but my favourite has got to be "Spring Flowers" - those flower charms are too adorable! And yeah, the level of awesomeness does increase with age - I've got three years on you and I can testify to that! You just gotta take what life throws at you and go for it!


Esther said...

Crystal Crescent is really pretty! I looove that shade of pink! And OMG. SHOE.

curstina said...

Everyone is just loving your creations. You are amazingly talented

sunniipinky said...

Well! A happy happy early birthday to you! All of the bracelets look so lovely~~ :D

::stephie:: said...

omg gorgeous!!! it's so amazing that you make them with your own two hands! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! lol totally spazzing over the bracelets!! Crystal Crescent just took my breath away! T_T too bad i was too late!! will stalk your blog tmr so i can get my hands on one of these babies!

katie said...

your bracelets get more and more beautiful. o _ o

Susan said...

Love the use of the Flower Charms in Spring Flowers and last night's Flower Fling Bracelets!
The White Pearl Love Baits arrived today and are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My husband didn't tell me until late tonight that they arrived; he is so good at keeping secrets. ^-^
THANK YOU again; they were such a sweet surprise!

RavenAshley said...

salwater fresh is so lovely....


one day, one day, ill buy an everything bracelet!

marisa said...

aw for some reason the "spring flowers" remind me of LV's designs :)

CATHLEEN said...

can't wait for your 14k white gold jewelry. i'm totally a white gold and silver girl. not that big a fan for gold unfortunately.

i'm excited to see what you've got installed for the whole dsk team

Misu said...

Beautiful bracelets but I cannot wait for your gold jewelry !!! <3

Avis said...

oh gosh i absolutely can't wait for the 14k white gold jewelry!! love those!! :) i'm loving your bracelets more and more every time i see a new batch of them ^^ love the Spring Flowers a lot too!
have a safe flight home~

dumb_dookie said...

Wow, I love the "Spring Occasion" bracelet! The colors are so soft and gentle! Though I personally prefer much sharper colors, the "Spring Occasion" is still very pretty! Keep up the good work =)

Noriki said...

absolutely gorgeous STEPH!!!!! *so in love with the first one* very unique!!!!! me likey!!!!

- Renée - said...

If I hadn't just spent like $200 on some new office clothes for my summer internship, I would totally wanna buy another one. They're so tempting! Hehehe!!

Those bracelets are gorgeous, as usual!! Hope their owners enjoy them! :)

Binh said...

i have a cousin graduating from high school in may. can you come up with a unique bracelet for a high school graduated....sophisticated, but still playful??

izumi said...

can't wait for your white gold series! <3

CreaMoon said...

"I'm going to spend the rest of March working on 14K Gold Jewelry & finally introduce the 14K White Gold on the jewelry blog."

so excited!! been saving to get a gold necklace. can't wait.

myfreewill said...

OMG Stephanie! You are totally on a roll with these bracelets, get 'em girl! =) Keep up the awesome work and business!

p.s. I will send you, the long over due, pics soon. =)

Iyah said...

OMGOSH! That SPring occasion is ♥! Its just so amazing! No wonder your bracelets go by fast. They look really nice :D

wuzzyangel said...

So beautiful and dainty! Perfect for spring! But LaLaLa is so much more powerful with the darker colors!

TrangyPoohツ said...

Such unique bracelets! They're so beautiful! My favorite one is "Oh so sweet", but then again my favorite color is light blue so that's a bit skewed xD The rest is so pretty!!

Bunny said...

Nothing perks me up on a bad day like a new batch of gorgeous bracelets =)

Thanks for the good vibrations~

Kate Gene said...

P. S. You need a birthday countdown clock for your page! :D

Kate Gene said...

Geez, louise... You somehow always manage to keep your pieces fresh, new, and creative! I'd run out of ideas in the quickness! XD There isn't one that I don't like!

LMBO @ your Whole Foods comment!!!! We rarely shop there, but man, I loooove their fruit! They have good To Go stuff, too. The one in Bellevue is better than the one downtown... Enjoy it while you can! LOL!

I've been sick and offline for days now... I feel so out of the Blogger loop!

BTW, I read your post about that author contacting you. How cool is that?!


hannah cho said...

saltwater fresh is amazing! and since youre going to be working on gold pieces for the rest of the month, are you a gold girl or a silver girl?

Melina said...

this months bracelets were great! I cant wait for the new necklaces :)

elysia said...

Oh my, they sell out so fast >.<

HT said...

Happy early birthday! :)

cassie.cat02 said...

Out of all the bracelets I've seen you post so far, I think Pink Charming is my favourite. It's so bright and neon!

Lil Princess said...

Hello, I heard a lot about your jewelry and I like them. However, I was wondering how can i buy them? and most of them are listed as "sold".


Julia said...

Hi Steph! That's cool that you're month is only a month away (well, now less than a month)! I hope you enjoy being 23! I just absolutely ADORE your everything bracelets!! They're so cute! I especially like Crystal Crescent because of the colors and how you combined your cubes,crescents, lockets, pearls, beads, keys, heel charms, hearts, and the heart link bracelet! It's just sooo gorgeous! There aren't enough good words to describe your bracelets! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with 14k Gold Jewelry and updates about the 14k White Gold! Keep us posted!

Shelly said...

all your bracelets on this post were amazing! keep up the good work .. well i know you will<3

sherryberry said...

I LOVE the rosaline themes and bubble gum themes. They're color combinations are really nice, and popular LOL. Well I can't wait for your white gold. I love that name, WHITE GOLD :3

Ray66 said...

still wating for my order i made at the end of january :( can`t wait to get it :)

Kissyfur said...

All the bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait for the white gold stuff to come out. I too am a silver/white gold girl.

huong. said...

I really like the little heel in the Crystal Crescent bracelet :D

HaruHaru said...

Hi Steph I've been following your blog for a while now. I just have to tell you how amazingly talented you are!

My fiance bought me the Bubbi necklace for Valentines Day, it looks stunning! Love it to bits!

Just wanna find out if you could make a 6" charm bracelet instead of the standard 7" cos I have tiny wrists? =)

Also would you have a hybrid between the Spring Occasion and Saltwater Fresh charm bracelets? Love the blue and soft pinkish-purple tones but I can't decide LOL

Keep up the great work! =)

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