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More Crystal Baits & Infinity Circle Earrings

Infinity Circle Love Baits $23

Infinity Circle French Earrings in 14K Gold-Filled $28

The Infinity Circles are inspired on my trip to NYC 5th Ave : )
Gold Infinity Necklace
18" 14K Gold-Filled

Peach & French Gold Bow Earrings $15 (Only Pair)

Golden Crystal Ball Love Baits $15 (Only Pair)

Fuchsia Crystal Ball Love Baits $15 (Only Pair)
Light Rose Crystal Ball Love Baits $15 (Only Pair)

Crystal Ball Love Baits

18" Single Crystal/Gold Pegasus
Sale: $42


TrangyPoohツ said...

The gold Pegasus is so heavenly! :D I love how you added a new twist to the earrings by adding the infinity circles and crystal balls! They're so sparkley xD

izumi said...

cosmic circles = <3

mintylovee said...

the infinity set is just gorgeous and elegant.
the earrings are so awesome!
crystal ball love baits look funky in a good way! xD
and the pegasus necklaces never fail to look amazing!
ps- five more days till your birthday! ^_^

Amyy(= said...

GOSH , I want to buy them all D;
Steph <3 , can you bring back the strawberry frosted necklace ? I really want to get it .

LittoMokaa said...

YAY!! I got the golden crystal ball love baits!! <333 Lovee it! :D :D

wuzzyangel said...

If I ever become rich or richer.. lol.. I'm gonna have to set aside a budget just for DSK! LOL! The disco ball baits are love!

Susan said...

Love the crystal ball baits!! Your designs are amazing!!
Hope you enjoy your upcoming birthday!! Happy Early Birthday!!^_~

Issy said...

The fishies are an amazing addition to your collection! It's nice to see that you're starting to show us all the new stuff you have/ are finding! I look forward to seeing new creations from you everyday! =]

Maybe we'll see some fishies in a few of your new necklaces :p

Emmeline L. said...

I still love those crystal ball love baits! The gold infinity necklace is super pretty too - I like how you started making them into earrings too :)

jellyicemilkbar said...

Loving the Light Rose Crystal Ball Love Baits! If only my ears were pierced haha.

Jennie said...

I like the infinity circle necklace. It's simple yet cute at the same time and the gold chain adds more depth to it.

Anonymous said...

I definitely love the circle earrings!! They're adorable! And I also really like the gold along with that Pegasus crystal,

Pearlholy said...

Daaayummm! Those crystal ball love bait earrings are really sexay! I love them!

Melina said...

i like the rose disco earring things, and the red ones :D

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