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Spring is almost here : )

"Spring Mix!"

Spring Mix!

"Spring Baby" <---I'm a Spring baby, are you?

"Spring Baby"

"Violet Spring Pegasus"

"Violet Spring Pegasus"

"Aqua Spring Pegasus"

"Aqua Spring Pegasus"

"choose DSK .. its the only way =)" -Vivi

Vivi likes to mix n' match her DSK Jewelry ~ she paired her Snowflake with the Peridot Leaf, creative!

We are transitioning from Winter to Spring after all : )

Spring is my all time favorite season.
Plus, I'm a Spring baby :P

Seattle is welcoming Spring with beautfiul cherry blossoms, and a hint of snow!
I saw it snowing the other day for a brief second, it was the weirdest thing lol

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Victoria said...

OHMYGOD The Aqua Pegasus is calling my name!!! and PERFECT! My bank transfer to my paypal account is set for tomorrow so I am SOOO ordering this!! or maybe the violet one.... hmmm.... dang now i need to choose!

Pong said...

the Spring Pegasus are so pretty! i'm having trouble deciding which one i like more!

DSK Steph said...

@Victoria oh the choices! :P

DSK Steph said...

@Pong, :P

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

OMG I love it! Especially the Spring Mix cause of the green leaf and the purple flower.. Such a warm and cute color.. I love Spring too, because I can see my fave Cherry Blossom blooming! ^^

Violet Vo said...

Wow... I feel like this is a collection- "DSK's Spring Collection" ^^. Love all of those necklace, especially the blue-sky leaf from "Spring Baby",the "Violet" , and the "Aqua" :x. Are they new color? They look fresh and gorgeous.

P.S: I'm excited waiting for my packages:)

TrangyPoohツ said...

How pretty!! :D I love the spring Pegasus xD

Susan said...

LOVE your spring necklaces!! So hard to choose!

Anonymous said...

I'm a spring baby too!! That necklace is so pretty!! I love your spring themed pieces!! They have a very nice fresh feel to them! :)

mintylovee said...

i loveee the spring necklaces. :D
soo pretty!!
and the leaf in Spring Baby is gorgeous. :)

cherry blossoms are beautiful, but we don't have any in KC i think. xD

have an aesome day & spring. :P

Apple Hu said...

I'm a spring baby, too. May 25th!

When's your birthday? :)

Yay for spring: we can wear pastels again without looking weird~ Or... whatever people wear in spring. I really don't know.

theresa! said...


izumi said...

vivi's gorgeous!

shawdyyy said...

I love all of them; they're so pretty!

Kittenhayley said...

I love the new Spring necklaces!!
I'm a spring baby, too ;D
I wish I could buy the lt.purple crystal flower to use with my leaf from Flowa Powa :)
Vivi is very beautiful!!

Melina said...

i am a spring baby too :) april 19th!

Jessica said...

OOOOO the spring baby is beautifullll! hehe! I'M a spring baby too!!! I feel a birthday present to myself coming on... ^_^

Avis said...

I LOVE the Spring Baby and Aqua Pegasus necklaces!!! Oh my goodness...so many to choose from...or want =) I'm a spring baby too ^^ and I adore all those pastel colors!! They're my favorite type no matter the color :)

Esther said...

I love the Spring necklaces!!! It's really about time it got warm outside. Your new necklaces really put me in the Springy mood. :D

Anonymous said...

<3 ohhh!!! easterish colors =)!

CATHLEEN said...

i really adore the leaf pendant. so pretty.

it's autumn here is australia. but it's still scorching hot.i'm totally a winter person even though i was born in summer.

j'adore your pieces :D

Christina said...

I love the spring mix!!! Must refrain from clicking "add to cart"!

Anonymous said...

@ Apple Hu : We share the same birthday! :D

wuzzyangel said...

Ahh the spring colors are back! So feminine and girly! :)

avalonxrose said...

spring is one of my favortie seasons. :) It must be because I'm a summer baby that I like the warmer weather, haha! Spring mix is so pretty, but the leaf isnt my favorite color. Different tastes for diffrent people, right? I'm going so broke from buying DSK pieces. ): By the way, thanks for the plump lil AB star studs Steph! they're gorgeous, and they arrived just in time for our spring dinner play. ^___^

L4pinkpetal said...

Hi Steph! :D Omg i'm so buying the Aqua Spring Pegasus. It is so eye catching.I'm so excited. It's going to be my first DSK Jewelry. Thank you for making such an amazing jewelry. I was never paid too much attention to jewelries until i found DSK. love it.

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