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April 8, 2010

April 8 Necklaces

Tanz Jet Pegasus
16" Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
Sale: $40
PH Black Diamond Pegasus
16" Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
Sale: $40
Love Loyalty
16" Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
Sale: $40
Spring's Purest
18" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
Sale: $30

Dreaming of Spring
16" Italian Sterling Stardust Necklace
Sale: $30


Anonymous said...

such beautiful necklaces steph! especially "spring's purest" :]

Anonymous said...

Oh Steph, the Spring Purest looks so darn peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I really love the bird in Spring's Purest!!

mintylovee said...

you know you wanna give me the Ph Black Diamond Pegasus! *wink wink*...
XD lol.
that is just gorgeous! and it's on stardust! even better!
Love Loyalty is very dainty and cute.
Sring's Purest fits Lilly. She's so innocent and pure. xp
Dreaming of Spring is gorgeous.
the colors just go together. keke.

we lovee DSK.
and we all say Hi!
but molly is screaming it, so yea...


Pearlholy said...

I'm about to chew on my laptop, thinking that I'm devouring "PH Black Diamond Pegasus". I just got my paycheck and it's really hard not to buy it... so I'll just chew it on it and hopefully my dad will take pity on me! LOL

wuzzyangel said...

Ohh Pegasus love!! :D

And the Dreaming of Spring is very Alice looking to me! :)

Melina said...

dreaming of spring is amazing! i think a black diamond heart and that blue flower you used would go well together

izumi said...

"dreaming of spring" has my two fav colors from high school! :P

Rochelle said...

loooovee the dreaming of spring necklacec

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