DSK Jewelry is handmade/handcrafted by me! [D.S.K.] in the Seattle, Washington, USA

US, Canada, UK and all other International Orders Welcome! DSK Jewelry LLC is a Registered Business in the USA.

14K Gold

Strawberry Gold ^_^
18" 14K Gold-Filled Necklace
*sold out*

"Holly's Famous Starfish/Moon Necklace"
14K Gold-Filled (100 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry)
16" (40cm) 14K Gold-Filled Necklace & Findings
Crystallized Swarovski Elements
*sold out*

Feel free to email if you'd like to be added to a waiting list, dskjewelry@gmail.com

Thank you!


mintylovee said...

Holly's necklace is soooo. GOLD-ish. xD
it's very pretty too.^^
and strawburrys! xD
so yummy!

Anonymous said...

The strawberry necklace is too adorable!!

Me said...

booo... i just ordered the Strawberry necklace few weeks ago... :( do you do price adjustments? lol jkjk... I can't wait to get it though

Susan said...

Both Necklaces are sooo gorgeous!! And such good prices too!

Emmeline L. said...

That strawberry necklace is so cuteeeee!

Sherr Bear said...

both very cute~~~ :-)

btw, i couldn't comment on that model search entry, but when is the deadline for the contest?

DSK said...

@Sherr Bear, June :)!

Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

Steph-- the strawberry necklace... the berry part is upside down! the stem grows out of the bigger part of the berry.

your fake friend

Melina said...

holly's is sooo cute!

izumi said...

ugh i love the strawberry gold. LOVE IT. if i wore pink i would definitely be hitting you up for one :P hahaha. maybe something like silver and on pewter?? hmmm..

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