DSK Jewelry is handmade/handcrafted by me! [D.S.K.] in the Seattle, Washington, USA

US, Canada, UK and all other International Orders Welcome! DSK Jewelry LLC is a Registered Business in the USA.

DSK Pearl Lux

Cream Pearls & Golden Crystals
7 1/2" Bracelet
Cream Pearls & Rose Crystals
7 1/2" Bracelet
Platinum Pearls & Golden Crystals
7 1/2" Bracelet
Cream Pearls & Rose Crystal Bracelet
Gold Vermeil Heart Clasp
7 1/2" Bracelet
Platinum Pearls & Tanzanite Crystals
7 1/2" Bracelet

Cream Pearls & Aqua Crystals
7 1/2" Bracelet

DSK Pearl Lux Bracelets


Pearlholy said...

Why must you tease me so? With all those elegant and pretty looking pearl bracelets? And they're at a reasonable price too... Oh the torture of being penniless.

Oh wait, I'm angry at my boyfriend and I have his credit cards!

Shiseiten said...

love the elegant pearl bracelets! :D

Elizabeth said...

Hi Stephanie!

I love your bracelets, but they're too big for me to wear :( I'm so tempted to buy them anyway but I know they will fall off...wish they came in different sizes. I still <3 DSK

izumi said...

the first one is loveeeeeeeeeeeeee! so elegant <3 super classy!

Melina said...

ooo how colorfuL :)

Anonymous said...

omggggg pearrlllss!! So pretty!! The one with the Aqua crystals is my fave.

Anonymous said...

great job steph! every piece shouts elegance=)

mintylovee said...

we love pearls!
stacy REALLY loves them,
the platinum ones are awesome!
and with the extra color bead, makes it even better. ^_^
the clasps are also very cute.

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