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DSK Set Sale

I'm trying something new today. I put together a variety of sets, and I'm going to make them available to you all. : ) There is only one or two of each set available. Let me know your thoughts, and if you'd like me to do more like this! -Steph
*I just went through and deleted the sold out sets to avoid confusion : )
Rosaline Set, Bracelet & Earrings
*2 Sets Available*

Silver Pink Earring Set

Golden Star Bracelet w/ Pink Tear Drop Earrings
*1 Set Available*

AB Bracelet w/ Pearls
SALE: $38
Lemon Quartz Set #1, 14K Gold Filled w/ Threads
*1 Set Available*
Lemon Quartz Set #2
*1 Set Available*

BFF Set, a pair to keep & a pair to gift : )
Sale! $20
*2 Sets Available*
Crystal Sterling Set
*1 Available*

Set Sale!

Now for Pendants Sets!

Large AB Baroque, Large Sapphire
*4 sets Available*

For Wendy:
AB Baller 16" 14K Gold-filled Necklace

AB Baller, 18" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
SALE: $40
Silver Pegasus Set
Earth Set

Light Sapphire Nautical Star, Medium Rose Crystal Heart

DSK Pendant Sets & Baller Necklaces


Puzzle said...

oh dear, they're all so cute! Loving these sets,it's a great idea. I'm always wondering what to wear with my necklaces, this would make it so easier--and at least I'm sure to match! lol
Thanks for the update!
----- C.C

Esther said...

I love the set idea especially the pendant sets. I think it's especially great for returning customers since I'm sure people like to mix and match the pendants and all the different chains really aren't necessary. Please keep them coming, Steph!

DSK said...

Thank you Esther! :) That's my plan!

@Puzzle :) Would you like to see more earrings & bracelets?

melly said...

I would love to see more thread earrings and bracelets in different colors

Noriki said...

this idea of sets is absolutely wonderful! makes me even want to buy! :P im resisting trying to resisssssssst!!!!!

sesshoumaru10 said...

Mannnn so many sales but I'm broke :( Blew all my moneys on rollerblades!

April said...

Hi Steph! I love the set ideas! Gorgeous work as always!!! :)

wuzzyangel said...

MMM I want an AB Balla! LOL!! *sigh* Even with this great sale, I can't partake at the moment!!

But I love the sets you came up with! These are a great deal for everyone! :)

Thao said...

I totally love the AB Baller one! Is it a large Baller or a medium one? I'm really tempted to buy it. You're gonna make a poor college student even more broke, Steph! Lol.

RavenAshley said...

Love the sets, I'd buy a couple to mix and match myself, but alas, no money.
But i liek this alot! you should do it more often =) so people like me can get around to buying sets eventually =p

^_^ <3

Puzzle said...

@ DSK:
I would definitely like to see more sets. Maybe not on a regular basis and for every design, but for a few random ones every now and then would be interesting! ^_^

Thao said...

Hey Steph! Sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you can put up the snowflake necklaces for sale? If you have any left. And I was looking at your older posts and really love the dainty heart bracelet. The one with the single purple heart? Is that one still available?

DSK said...

@Thao email me about the snowflake, and bracelet, and I'll see if I have any left for you. -Steph

loretta au said...

I was just looking through your jewelry wishing I can buy just the fancy cut pendant! You read my mind!
Also, I just want to put in a word for my best friend. She's been eyeing your Everything Bracelets. She wanted to buy the Sea Things one but she really fell in love with the Beachy one from way back so she held back form buying Sea Things in hopes that something like the beachy one will come back. So we'd love to see another Everything Bracelet in that color scheme or with similar ocean charms!!
Thanks Steph!!!! :)

mintylovee said...

love the set idea!
so smart. XD
the Earth Set & Pegasus Set!!

izumi said...

the golden star bracelet is adorable :)

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