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DSK's Lil Sister JPK...

My little sister made a video with her best friend for her AP Psychology on Pavlov's Classic Conditioning. I thought this would be fun to share, so you all can see my sister on camera : )
Do we look alike? And...yeah she's so not wearing her big sis' jewelry!!! haha

Also, thank you for the sale requests :) I'm going to post as many as I can, I'm trying to take it a bit slow since I've been a bit overwhelmed with orders these past few days. Also, a reminder that I do not recreate my Everything Bracelets like the Innocence Bracelet. I will post more Everything Bracelets when I have some more time to work on jewelry projects. ^_^ I appreciate the love for the bracelets!

In random news, my friend whatsurgenre posted a newsletter with us on the front page! : )
Check out John's new website, whatsurgenre
That's me on the far left, the author Helen Zia in the middle, and my friend John on the far right!
My lil bio from interning at the APA office last Spring at Michigan State University

For my EOTD from yesterday...check my personal blog,


And since so many of you asked..
*please note, the "Bubbi Titanic Crystal" reflects purple & blue*
Bubbi's Necklace $50 for 16"
*18" soldout*

Bubbi's Necklace

Quantities very limited

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You and your sister sure do look alike! :)

tessatham said...

Aw Steph you and your sister do look alike :)! Love the makeup and eye colour btw :)

Monica said...

Hey Steph! I love your work and I was wondering if you could bring back your "Rose Lariat Necklace" design! I remember it from like a year ago and I've been wanting to buy it for Mother's Day! I understand that your moving out to a new place and may not have time...but yeah, just a request. Thanks!! :)

DSK said...

@Monica, I don't make lariat necklaces anymore, sowriess. I realized I don't like to make them much lol

Pearlholy said...

LOL, your sister is adorable. The video reminds me of some typical Psych documentary about Classical Condition.

And~ Yay Bubbi necklace and Bubbi Remix on sale!

Jobles... boo! =(

My best friend is waiting for her Bubbi necklace... As soon as I get a job, I'll get Bubbi Remix so we can match at work. He he he!

Pinky said...

Lovin' the fake eyelashes! :)

Melina said...

hehe i love my bubbi's necklace! so does everybody else.people always compliment me for it

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you guys do look alike!

I'd like to see Flowa Powa go on sale, please! But, it's okay if that's not possible; I understand. I'm loving all of these sales! BTW, I love the blue contacts! I have brown eyes as well and I have always wondered what blue contacts would look like on brown eyes.

mintylovee said...

such likeness! xD
and Bubbi's necklace!
so pwetty! O.O
and i saw the remix too. even awesome-er! xD
loving your sale!

Haleighhh said...

I ordered my Bubbi Necklace yesterday! I can't wait to get it!

I love your work, Steph <3

-Haleigh :D

John Gyul said...

:D thanks for the shout out Steph!

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