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Fresh off the Truck! The Rocker is back!

Hey ladies! I'm excited to say I just received my shipment of the Rocker .925 Sterling Silver Pegasus Wings! I had to request to have them manufactured back in early April. There was a slight delay in process & shipping because of the New Year in Thailand. But they're here! For those who have already pre-ordered, your packages will be picked up and mailed off first thing Monday. : )

Thank you for your love & support! I'm too excited right now. I love getting things in the mail lol. I wait around all day for the UPS man, and Mail man...lol are you like that? or is it just me?


Rocker PH
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
PURE .925 Sterling Silver Pegasus Pendant
Crystallized Swarovski

"Rocker Sapphire"
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
PURE .925 Sterling Silver Pegasus Pendant
Crystallized Swarovski

"Purple Rock"
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
PURE .925 Sterling Silver Pegasus Pendant
Crystallized Swarovski

"Rocker Jet"
18" Sterling Silver Necklace
PURE .925 Sterling Silver Pegasus Pendant
Crystallized Swarovski

Other colored crystal hearts also available, I will work on pictures soon for you.

"Just Pretty"
16" & 18" 925 Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*available again!*
16" (4ocm) $40
18" (45cm) $45

"Just Pretty"

"Large Bermuda Necklace"
16" .925 Stelring Silver Chain Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
*3 Available*


Anonymous said...

Lol! Yeah, I'm like that, especially when I'm waiting for one of your packages! All of the necklaces are so pretty! Thanks for posting this, Steph!

izumi said...

oh they're all so pretty! i would have no idea which one to choose. good thing i'm broke xD hahaha.

izumi said...

did my comment go through? who knows. either wayyy, they're all SUPER pretty :) i love wingssss! good thing i'm broke so i don't have to choose ;D

mintylovee said...

PH is a gorgeous color!
hope everyone enjoys their necklace! <3
Large Bermuda is a beautiful color. so mesmerizing. O.O
and Just Pretty isnt 'just pretty.'
it's amazingly awesome!!! XD

Pinky said...

I'm still so sad I had to cancel my order with you for the rocker necklace :(!

And I'm also like that! I love receiving packages hahaha

sam said...

Sooo0 preety! & no your not the only one, i <3 getting things in the mail! Sometimes i wait by the door at 3:30 and peek through the door hole when i KNOW i'm receiveing something special in the mail. LOL!!

Angela said...

waiting for the mailman is so sad. i just sit there and look out the window when i hear a truck pass by hoping it's the mail man. one time i went to check the mail three times when waiting for a package! xD

Anonymous said...

omg I LOVE receiving packages in the mail hahah... :P

Love the different rocker necklace colors. Also really like Just Pretty. it's adorable

Thao said...

GORGEOUS! I gotta stop myself from buying more stuff :( And I do love getting stuff in the mail, it's like Christmas all over again!

Emmeline L. said...

I love getting packages in the mail! It's so much fun opening them and seeing what's inside even if you already know what's in it haha

All the necklaces are so pretty!!

Nonners said...


I hope you are having an excellent time moving in to your new, hyper-posh place!

Now that I have a job and a condo I guess I won't be crashing on your couch like a hobo. I mean, I'll still come live on your couch but I'll act really sophisticated and arrogant like I've got better options. Just sayin'.

Also, I'm going to go get some KFC chicken because saw the commercials about how buying a pink bucket of chicken will contribute some money to breast cancer research. Let's be honest, you have huge boobs so I feel like there is so much area where a lump could go unnoticed. Just looking out for your future. Tell Minh to feel you up, it's for your health.

DSK said...

@Nonners...ur comment was creepy hahaha

Pearlholy said...

Nooners, an endless stream of amusement. LOL! I laughed so hard at her comment.

I love receiving mails or packages in the mailbox; it brigthens my day and makes me feel special. Ego boost! Ha ha! It's always easier to go through a long day feeling special.

Melina said...

just pretty is moer than just pretty!

wuzzyangel said...

PH Rocker is HOT SHITT!!!!! Dammint I need $50!! Someone give me $50!!!!!

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