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Get Your Mom DSK for Mother's Day (May 9th, 2010!)

*Special Price for Mom*
Fancy Cut Crystal Clear Heart

16" & 18" Available
*Great for Mother's Day* :)

Fancy Cut Crystal Clear Heart

Silver Bows & Bait Earrings Set
*sold out*

Galactic Crystal 16" Italian Sterling Necklace

Sapphire Stars & Gift Necklace!
7" Bracelet

Midnight Stars +gift
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
*sold out!*

+get the follow as a gift with purchase : )
Topaz & Tanzanite Star Necklace
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link


Anonymous said...

Now that I found the search bar, I've been staring at all the everything bracelets! The spring time one is soooo beautiful! If you ever ever ever make one like that again please please let me know! My mom loves anything swarovski and she always spends so much at the bellevue location, I keep telling her your stuff is way better but she hasn't checked it out yet -_- For mothers day I wanted to be able to purchase either a Titanic necklace or a Spring Time everything bracelet but its only made for one special person at a time =(

Angela said...

it's so nice that you're making sets now =] the sapphire stars and gift necklace look really nice

fuzkittie said...

Midnight is a very pretty color!

wuzzyangel said...

EEP When did you make Baroque Baits?! >_<

wuzzyangel said...

EEP When did you make Baroque Baits?! >_<

izumi said...

sets look so fun! :)

mintylovee said...

fancyy cut! XD
so gorgeous. ^^
love the sets!
especially star bracelets!!

Anonymous said...

The Galactic Crystal necklace looks so chic :)

xemmyt said...

ooooh i'm so sad the galactic necklace has "sold" under it :( was going to purchase for mothers day! haha all of your stuff is beautiful like always

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