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Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold Bracelet
7 1/4" 14K Gold-Filled

Dainty Violet AB Sterling Bracelet


Pearlholy said...

Steph, you just killed me.

That's all I gotta say. You killed me. Excuse me while I try to avoid staring at those bracelets.

izumi said...

i have a dainty purple haze! it's gorgeous :)

Melina said...

i know i always talk about the pretty colors, but i just can't help it. girl you are talented!

annie said...

Hi! Just got back from uni and everything I want is sold out :'(
Better luck next time i guess!
p.s. i only read ur comment in my c-box the other day but im happy to say ive updated my blog! :D

Anonymous said...

i love the simplicity of the dainty violet bracelet, its gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The violet crystal is soo prettyy

mintylovee said...

gold + ab hearts = pure elegance.
and the dainty bracelet is pretty!
violet AB is a very nice color. ^_^
lilly ( a new DSK fan) says she likes the chain, and that she saw the one with the star and she likes that on too. xD

Miss Lauren said...

Hey Steph! All your jewelry is so gorgeous and I'm such a fan. Your so talented :)

I talk about DSK Jewelry on my blog at: http://misslauren87.blogspot.com/2010/04/dsk-jewelry.html check it out :)

HYEjiN said...

Hey Stephanie!
I almost never leave comments anywhere but I just have to say that I absolutely love the Bubbi necklace! :DD I fall more and more in love with it every time I look at it. You have some serious talent, girl. I just ordered two more necklaces, they're so, so pretty!
Keep it up! \(^_^)/

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