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Hi =)

Hey girls!
It's been a few days since I've posted, huh?
I've been busy catching up with orders. Everything is going well : )
I'm mostly caught up, and everyone who has placed an order, your package has been mailed, or will be mailed tomorrow.

I really had a great weekend. I bought my boyfriend a pair of rollerblades!
We went skating on the Burke Gilman Trail here in Seattle, WA.

: )

I'm so glad he was willing to give rollerblading a chance. The last time he's skating was when he was 10 years old. lol
I used to rollerblade everyday in the summer growing up back in Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan...
I'm also flying home to Michigan on May 19th.
I'll be back Sunday, May 30th.
My little sister is graduating from high school (#1) at that :D
I definitely need to be there for her speech.

That's also means...I'll have more time to work on my one of a kind bracelets. : )

I'm going to be taking the "Jewelry" part out of the shipping label because
recently I had jewelry stolen through the USPS. The United States Postal Service sent me a letter, and requested I fill out some forms. It's pretty messed up that people would open packages...but then again our packages say DSK Jewelry, LLC =/
So yeah..it will probably say just "DSK"

*Please note that International packages may be taking longer to arrive within the next month due to the volcano eruption in Europe.*


I read that a few of you ladies would like to see more earrings, so I hope this post puts a smile on your face. ^_^

I'm headed out to dinner now, it's seafood/sushi night at our favorite restaurant : )

Light Grey Pearls & Bows
Sterling Silver French Hook Earrings
*sold out*

"Eiffel Pink"
Sterling Silver/Crystallized Swarovski

Lovely Lady Earrings
From Left, White, Light Grey, Platinum Pearls

Lovely Lady Earrings

Alki Beachy
16" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace


mintylovee said...

Alki Beachy takes the win! xD
much congrats to your sis.^^
hope she has the greatest and brightest future out there. (:
rollerblading and me don't go well together. =.=
the earrings are so pretty!
especially the pearls@ O_O
and sushi!! yum yum. ><

Issy said...

oh my goodness! eiffel pink is gorgeousss! definitely my favorite style of earrings from you now! (love love LOVE the danglies!) i hope to see more of it in the future (when i have moneyyy to spend!) <3

Susan said...

So glad to see the platinum pearls back! Love the Lady earrings!

Esther said...

The earrings are too cute. I absolutely adore pearl. The necklace makes me excited for summer!

Kate Gene said...

I am in love with those first pair of earrings! How cute are they?! The second pair is also gorgeous!

Rollerblading is so much fun! I haven't gone in years. My husband and I went rollerskating, like, eight years ago; we were ruling the rink! LOL! (We were also the oldest people there! Ha ha!)

izumi said...

your wire wrapping looks GREAT! :)

Winnie said...

the earrings look so elegant! and i love the necklace, perfect for the summer :)

Mayra said...

yay for Sushi!! :) I know what you mean! My brother is graduating too and I have to go as a guardian to his top ten percent dinner. I hope you had a great day :)

Misu said...

Congratulations to your sister! The earrings look beautiful. I love the pearl ones :) Do you have pink pearls by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Man! I missed the Eiffel Pink earrings! They're sooo pretty! Great job, Steph! Alki Beachy is really cute, as well! I love the combination of the spring-y, light colors and the different crystals! The heart, flower, and starfish are perfect together!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more one-of-a-kind bracelets!

siwing said...

oh no ! the bow earrings and the eiffel is sold out.. come back soon ??

siwing said...

oh no ! the bow earrings and the eiffel is sold out.. come back soon ??

Janine said...

Rollerblading! Sounds like fun, it's been a while since I've been on blades and I always feel unbalanced, lol. Also that stealing thing is awful, so I see reason for the change.

MuffinEater said...

My god where have I been..so much has happened :) I have exams,waaahhh :O

Rollerblading is so much fun-I love it..woooo ^^

Steph I think I am going to have to place another order O_O, your jewelery is just irresistible

P.S-Have fun in Michigan :P

Anonymous said...

Those Eiffel Tower earrings are adorable!! And I love the teal color with the pink in Alki Beachy. Love it

KP said...

Awww you named your necklace after Alki! Cuuuute.. I would love to see some more Seattle inspired jewelry in the future. Like, an everything bracelet inspired by our rainy days! Just an idea ;]

Katie said...

Oh, isn't the Burke Gilman Trail by UW?? Haha, I've been looking at housing, and Mercer Hall(one of the dorms) is close to it.

Kat said...

I love roller blading! What a childhood past time that must be brought back.

I love the flower on the Alki Beachy necklace!

Melina said...

gosh! who would steal stuff from the mail? i would be sooo mad if somebody stole my bubbi's necklace through the mail on the way to my house. "oh hey look my package is here!!! -opens- ...oh look its beautiful." as i look at an empty box. *shudder*
anyways, i think golden topaz, and ab crystal would be a good combo

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