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In Honor of Moreau

Seattleite's Pegasus Necklace
16" Italian Stardust Necklace
SALE! $38

Moreau's Place Pegasus Necklace
16" & 18" Italian Sterling Helix Chain Necklace

Moreau's Place Pegasus Necklace

It's April 30th, 2010
I get my keys today!


Puzzle said...

I love the second one, Moreau's Place Pegasus Necklace" ! The color of the heart and pegasus match well together!
And the place looks HUGE ! =O Have fun!!
Seattle is now on the list of places I have to visit *scribbles on paper*

DSK said...

@Puzzle! Do let me know when you're in town! :) I'll show you around!

grace said...

I really like how the colors match for both of them!
The place looks HUGE and EXPENSIVE!! It looks really nice though :]

izumi said...

the stardust chain is soooooo pretty.

mintylovee said...

i've always wanted to live in seattle since i was like eight! weird but so true!
Seatteite's Necklace is love. (:
so is Moreau!
pegauss! woohoo!
and yay! keys!

kaydayyx3 said...

hey, my name is katie but i'm not kate_gene. can i still have lunch with you? haha, jk! but i'm so jealous of your new apartment. it looks sooo nice!

Pamela said...

Who gets the master bedroom?!

juicy said...

you should so do an apt tour

- Renée - said...

Love the gold pegasus necklaces!

And the new place seems amazing!! Congrats on the new apartment!!

Janine said...

Wow by the look at just the layout that place looks awesome!

Melina said...

Seattle is kindof creepy at night. atleast, that is how i remember it xD

wuzzyangel said...

Dang woman! THat floor plan is BANK!!! WHoooo Congrats again to you & Minh for getting there! :)

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