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It's April 22nd! Prepared for Mother's Day?

Pretty Princess
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Rose & Moonlight Hearts
Spring Sale: $45

Spring's Must Have Triple Heart Necklace
16" or 18" Italian Sterling Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski Rose AB, Clear AB, Aqua AB
16" (40cm) $40
18" (45cm) $45 <--- 4 available in 18"

Triple Heart Necklace

"For Mom"
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link Necklace
Mother's Day Special: $25 *quantities limited*
I will try to have more specials for Mother's Day

"Blue Berry" *discontinuing*
16" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
Sale: $32

Happy Earth Day! : )


Anonymous said...

The For Mom Necklace is so elegant and sophisticated, but really cute at the same time! I love it! The Spring's Must Have Triple Heart Necklace is adorable! I love all of these necklaces, not to mention this awesome Mother's Day/spring sale!

Jessica said...

the blue berry is cute <3 it reminds me of strawberry shortcake's friend blueberry muffin!

mintylovee said...

happy earth day to you too Steph! ^^
Blue Berry is so cute. makes me crave fruit. xD
For Mom is absolutely gorgeous. (:
Triple Hearts are so refreshing.
Pretty Princess is so girly. XD

Anonymous said...

Awwee the For Mom necklace is so pretty!

Kat said...

"For Mom" is awesome! It's such a cool shape. I like how it's very pure-looking just like a mother.

I was hoping you would put up some earrings on sale?

Angela said...

love the blueberry necklace! =]

Susan said...

Amazing Mother's Day necklaces! Can't choose between For Mom and Pretty Princess.

LOVE LOVE the Blueberry!

Mandy said...

hey steph!
can you take pictures of the backs of the pendants? they look different from the front and like more colorful and stuff.

Jessy said...

omg. I WANT PRETTY PRINCESS! My boyfriend's gonna kill me...I promised not to spend anymore after my last DSK order... lol *bookmarks*

Susan said...

The Baroque necklace arrived today. The crystal is Brilliant!! My mom is going to be the envy of her retirement community! I can't wait for Mother's Day to get here, so I can give it to her.

Emmeline L. said...

The shape of the pendant of the "For Mom" necklace is exquisite! What a deal for it too!

Blue Berry is pretty darn cute! I like the color (:

CATHLEEN said...

wow the for mom necklace looks amazing. really sophisticated

Pearlholy said...

Omg~ I'm in love the with triple heart necklace! At this rate I'm going to start collecting them all! >_D I should probably get her this!

LoveBunBun said...

Just received my heart chain necklace and your gift!


T xx

Melina said...

that's my brother's birthday! it's kindof weird because we're 362 days apart. anyways, i like the first necklace

izumi said...

cute colors :) very warm and motherly!

i'm ALL set for mother's day.. well.. for the bf's mom that is, hahaha. for mine, it's still in the works..

Irene said...

ooooh LOVE the Spring's Must have Triple Heart Necklace!!! Must...have.... lol!

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