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Ivy League

It's back!

I just thought this necklace is appropriate for the news that my little sister got accepted into Harvard & Yale : )

She's actually visiting Harvard this week, have fun!!!
Thank you for being my inspiration Julia!

"DSK's Ivy League Necklace"
16" 14K Gold-filled Necklace


Pinky said...

Your parents must be really proud of you & your sister for being so successful! ^_^

Btw, I'll be buying "The Rocker" soon, but will it offered in italian sterling stardust?

DSK Steph said...

@Pinky, I can do that for you, email me in the near future : )

Pinky said...

Aw okay thank you! ^_^

Anonymous said...

This necklace is sooo elegant! Loove it

Susan said...

Thanks for bringing this one back! My mom will love this one!!

izumi said...

your sis is sooooo smart :) she deserves such a gorgeous necklace! hehe.

Melina said...

i like the bail

Samantha said...

This necklace is gorgeous!
So elegant and breathtaking, just like it's creator!

SharBEAR =) said...

ivy league necklace screams classy n elegance!! lovee it! <3


wuzzyangel said...

Ohh campus visits! Great way to get the "feel" of Harvard *elongated accent used* LOL HOpe she has a fun & informative trip!

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