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Mail News!

Hey ladies,

As many of you know a volcano is affecting air mail to and from the UK.
I just wanted to mention that just so you ladies know what's going on if your recent orders are taking longer than expected to arrive.

From the # of orders, and feedback I've received it seems like the sale is going great.
I just finished up around 50-60 orders, those will be dropped off today to the USPS.
They'll most likely be processed tomorrow, and Paypal will send you your shipping information. I'm still working on more of your orders, bare with me : )
I appreciate your patience!

AB Moon & Topaz AB
16" Sterling Stardust Necklace
*sold out*

Jessy's Necklace
*shout out to Jessy!*
16" or 18" Italian Sterling Silver Necklace
Crystal Clear Medium Swarovski Heart

Jessy's Necklace

Large Siam Heart
16" Sterling Heart Link
Sale: $36

Our Hanhie is in the Chicago News!!!


Speaking of youtube, After I move to the new place, I'm going to do DSK "QVC" style videos to show you the jewelry in 3-d : ) The new place has great lighting!



mintylovee said...

are you tormenting me with this awesome sale Steph??!!!
*cries* jk jk.
lovin Jessy's necklace.
so pure.
and red is such a romantic color. xD

iAMminky3 said...

wowowow! They all look so pretty. I can't wait to receive my order soon!!! <3 Thanks for sending them out so fast!

Jessy said...

Aw thanks for the shout out! I've added them both to cart, plus another one. Can't wait to get them. ^_^

izumi said...

woooooot! DSK in 3d!

Susan said...

AB Moon and Topaz is absolutely Wonderful! Love the elegance of Jessie's Necklace!

CATHLEEN said...

wow. it seems as if the sales have gotten you pretty busy. i watched the video of hanhie. it's amazing what videos on youtube can do. can't wait to see your jewelry collection in 3d.

Anonymous said...

DSK in 3D is going to be just as amazing as what Avatar in 3D was!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty necklaces!! :D I especially like the AB Moon with the topaz. Lovely!

Melina said...

you shuold re-make ab moon and ab topaz! its soooo cute!!!

happymoments520 said...

My bf is gettin me the strawberry gold.....i love that neckles! SO PRETTTY!!! :)

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