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MB Tonight! (Earring Post)

Tonight is the night : ) I get to see Michael Buble live! I'm very excited! I've been a fan of his since high school! I made a two pair of earrings especially for the concert tonight, and a few more for you guys. Let me know what you think! Which pair should I wear?

MB Concert Earrings: Choice A
Sterling, CZ Hearts, and Swarovski Crystal Hearts

MB Concert Earrings: Choice B
Sterling, CZ Hearts, and Swarovski Crystal Balls
$28 *last pair*

Choice A or Choice B?

DSK Earrings

CZ Hearts & Cream Pearls
(these CZ Hearts are a little big smaller than the above two)
*Only Pair Currently* --I will be making more in future posts
Sterling Stars & Cream Pearls

Sterling Hearts/Crystal Hearts
Amber Crescents
Sterling Silver
Golden Crescents
Sterling Silver
Aqua AB Hearts
Sterling Silver
5" Sterling Golden lil Star Threads
Will have more threads soon!
Antique Gold Sparrows
14K Gold-Filled Earrings

DSK Earrings


ytube_acc said...

For this special event I would choose B♥
Because it's cute, but on the other hand it's quite chic, classy and it looks like it would scream out loud: "Diamonds are a girl best friends!" :D

Esther said...

The sterling stars are adorable! I think I like A better. The second feels a bit more dressy. That's so exciting being able to go to a MB concert!!! Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm I say choice B. Just because it's more glam! :) They look sooo sparkly!! Hope you have a great time at the concert tonight!!

All of these earrings are fabulous!! I especially like the crescent moon earrings with the little stars! Adorable! :D

Kae said...

I love pair A! Have fun tonight, all the other earrings are gorgeous!

ToniJin said...

ooh i love choice B! have a blast!

Thao Doan said...

These are gorgeous! The Amber Crescents and Golden Crescents remind me of Sailor Moon, haha. (:
And for the earrings I thing you should wear tonight are the Choice A ones! Both of them are gorgeous, but Choice A just really shows your love for Michael Buble! (:

Kittenhayley said...

I really love the new sparrow earrings! They are so cute
I think you should wear the choice B earrings because they are soo sparkly. Maybe they will catch his eyes? ;D

Violet Vo said...

Those earrings are gorgeous. Love them, love them ,love them ^^... especially "MB Concert Earrings", so I think you should wear B. Have fun at the concert Steph!

EM said...

Choice B!

mintylovee said...

such gorgeous earrings!
choice B Steph! keke.
and Michael Buble is amazing! <33
the star & pearl necklace is awesome!
thread earrings are awesome!
and the crescent earrings are so cute.
the antique sparrows are vintage-y.

have fun. (:
and happy early birthday. keke.

Kate Gene said...

Choice B gets my vote because they look extra blingy! :)

Have a fantastic time tonight! What a great way to spend your Saturday!

P. S. As always, all of your pieces look awesome! The aqua AB hearts, pearls, and sparrows are super cute!

Bunny said...

I like choice B! Have a great time at the concert Steph!!

Susan said...

I recommend Choice B. They look like they would catch the light from the concert better.

Love the new moon and star earrings!

HAVE a Great Time at the MB Concert!!:D

Jupi said...

Choice B is so cute wear those!

And the crescents are just to die for <3

Christine said...

I would definitely pick choice B. They're so elegant and sparkly and I think they would be a great choice to wear especially for the concert tonight. Have fun at the concert!! I've only watched him sing on Oprah but he sounds like he'd be AMAZING live! =)

FarLandMable said...

I think choice B is more suitable for night wearing! Esp. for the night events. <3

kaydayyx3 said...

i like choice A. it has a heart which shows your love for Michael :)

Linda said...

I love Michael Buble! I'm seeing him in concert on Tuesday! So excited! I like choice B too and the pearls!

Anonymous said...

Choice B, they are so pretty! Say HI to Michael for me! haha hope you have a great time!

Annie said...

Choice B! SO SHINYY! :)
Your jewellery just gets better and better, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Have fun tonight!

shawdyyy said...

Choose A!

izumi said...

choice b!! be super blingy :D

cleung341 said...

Your sterling stars & cream pearls earrings are so cute!
I think you should wear B!!

Mayra said...

Hey Steph :D i would go with pair letter B, just because it's a very special day . . . both pairs are gorgeous though!! :D <3 I hope you enjoy the concert!! : )

Jennie said...

Hard to choose between A & B lol but i think maybe choice B cause like what people said, it'll sparkles ;) But choice A is pretty too -_-

TrangyPoohツ said...

Soooo gorgeous!! But in my opinion, if you're going to a concert, I'd choose choice B, so it'll be sparkly and shiny and catch lots of attention C: I dunno why, but I see choice A for more of a beach/formal event because it's crisp and clean n______n But then again that's just me.

Apple Hu said...

Choice A is beautiful! It has a more "DSK" feel, I think, since it looks elegant and attracts attention without being super flashy!

I LOVE these new earrings. I didn't expect them in this style. It feels "K-Drama" to me XD;

Have fun at the concert!

Lilly said...

The Sterling Stars & Cream Pearls earrings are so adorable!
I'm probably a little too late but I choose B for the concert. Hope you every moment of the concert. :)

Angela said...

i like amber crescents =]
cute, reminds me of moon festival

Yanna Gong said...

I think choice B is better, it just glitters and it seems really fit for a Michael Buble concert. They're both really quite though [:
Have fun!

Chanthida said...

I'd choose B, for the concert earrings...even tho i'm a bit late on voting haha, awesome earrings tho. I hope you have a great time at MB's concert!! Don't forget to scream like a little school girl lol

wuzzyangel said...

Steph these are all LOVE!! I can't choose a fave between this post! They're all soo glam!

Anonymous said...

i LO-O-O-VE the Amber Crescents! I kinda hope this gets made into a necklace cause they're super cute :)

Susan said...


Your birthday has arrived in
Virginia! ^_~


Noriki said...

Hey sweetie! Happy Birthday to you :D wish you nothing but the best for yah!!!<3333 take good care of Minh and you ^___^V

Anonymous said...

choose the b steph!it's cute and elegant=)

The Emotional Cheerleader © 2010 said...

Ok - I -think- it's passed midnight now where you are so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) xxx

Melina said...

omg! wear the hearts :)
i hope you enjoyed the concert

mintylovee said...

happy birthday hunn. (:
we were planning to comment at 12, but fell asleep. xD

but happy birthday.
always smile & laugh & also be funny, because those are key. keke.


Helen said...

I love them both but probably B :)
they would catch the light more and they're just so cute!! stand out at the concert and have funn

katie said...

i looove michael buble, and i love your jewelry. i hope you had lots of fun (:

Janine said...

OH No! I missed out will you be making more of the Crescents?

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