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More Baller Hearts Soon to be Discontinued

Rosaline Gold Baller
20" 14K Gold-filled Necklace

Topaz Baller
18" Italian Sterling Helix
CLEAR OUT: *sold out*!

The Art of Butterfly Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link

Midnight Stars +gift
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
sold out!

+get the follow as a gift with purchase : )
Topaz & Tanzanite Star Necklace
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link

Lovely Lady Earrings
Baby Pink Swarovski Pearls
Sterling Silver Level Back Heart Earrings
*I do have them in pink as well :)*


Anonymous said...

I love the bail for the Topaz Baller! It looks so detailed and has an intricate design. I like the concept of getting a gift when you buy the Midnight Stars bracelet! I'm loving all of the sales, bracelets, and necklaces!

CATHLEEN said...

midnight star? is that a new bracelet. looks pretty. great name for it.

love the pink pearl earrings.

Anonymous said...

The Topaz & Tanzanite Star necklace is an adorable gift! :) I also really like the bail on the Topaz baller.

Puzzle said...

You know, I used to be a fan of this tv show*cough*S.M*cough* growing up !And the moon with the star reminds me of it! It's really lovely~
Thank you for the update!

hannah cho said...

you're discontinuing the ballers???? :'( aww..... </3

Sandra said...

Nooooo!! I was too late for the Topaz Baller! :(
man, and I'm usually on top of my shit and check out your blog updates asap!!! grrr, I finally had money to buy it too!
The color is beautiful!!
I'll just have to wait for something similar to be posted. :)

Thao said...

OOh what gift is it that you're giving along with the midnight starts bracelet?

Thao said...

and I'm so mad at myself for not logging onto your site earlier. I totally love that topaz one :(

DSK said...

@Thao the necklace silly! Read the line after the bracelet part... : )

@hannah cho, just certain colors, not all of them :)

melly said...

sad... missed the bracelets..

wuzzyangel said...

That topaz balla is BLINDING!!! I didn't even know you had one that bright! Dang!! Gorgeous!

LoonyPlatypus said...

The Art of Butterfly bracelet is GORGEOUS! I adore the colourful spring-type stuff you do :)

Now to persuade my parents to let me buy something.... Dx

mintylovee said...

the Tanazita is pretty! they're stars too! the necklace is a nice add. ^^
ballers just make me smile. (:

Pearlholy said...

=O!!! I want that "Topaz & Tanzanite Star Necklace"! My paycheck needs to come in quickly, otherwise you won't have them anymore! =(

Melina said...

ARGGG i need to buy somethiingggg x_x i loveee the bracelets! and the rosaline baller is beautiful! ._. i need money, im saving. now.

izumi said...

i love the bail on topaz :)

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