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Moving Sale Part 1

Crystal Clear Fish Love Baits
Large Light Sapphire
Sale: $35 16"
Sale: $40 18"

Sparkly lil Hearts
(both 10mm in size)
Sale: $35 16"
Sale: $38 18"

"Moonlight Shadow Pegasus Gold Necklace"
18" (45cm) 14K Gold Filled Mini Rolo Chain Necklace
Crystallized Swarovski
Sale: $50
Light Sapphire Drop Love Baits
Sale: $12

Moving Sale Part 1

Sterling Accessories Charms
Sale: $10 each

Sterling Accessories Charms


izumi said...

the gold pegasus is a heart breaker for sureeeee!

Jennie said...

I have to admit that i am really loving the pegasus necklace. I own one in teal heart and moonlight pegagus and it's just gorgeous, same with the moonlight shadow pegasus gold necklace you posted up here. Maybe it's the lighting but i love the colors together.

Amy said...

Oh no! Please don't discontinue the Sparkly lil hearts, they're one of my favourite to look at :(

Oh man... the shipping is what's stopping me from buying anything. I was going to request it for when I take a trip to America :(

Anonymous said...

I love that pegasus necklace paired with the gold chain. And i really like the colors from Sparkly lil Hearts!

DSK Steph said...

I'm not discontinuing the Sparkly lil Hearts :) Just putting it up for sale now!

Sour Lollipopp said...

OMGGG you're sooooo talented~! i wish i had that talent (Q_Q;;)
wonderful job either way! I LUVVVVVVVVVUR JEWELRIESS~!!!!

mintylovee said...

*sob sob*
i wanna buy stuff! i wanna help with Steph's Moving Sale! xD
all the accessories are cute!
my favs are the large light sapphire and Pegasus neckalce!
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Pegasus necklaces.

wuzzyangel said...

Wow Steph what a great sale! Can't wait to see the next parts! You're really giving great deals here!

Susan said...

The Gold Pegasus and Light Sapphire Necklaces are Beautiful!! Looking forward to more items in your moving sale.

Melina said...

i love hearts and flowers

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