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Sapphire & Violet

"Large Light Sapphire & Violet Flower" 18"
*sold out*


Issy said...

im looooving this combination =] i might have to go dig through my pendants for a little something purrrple! i'm currently wearing a peridot flower and aqua heart

DSK Steph said...

That's springy! :)

mintylovee said...

i loveeeee this necklace.
the colors are just my favorite. (:
and peridot. ^_^
the heart chain is one of my chains. the other is stardust. (:
the pendants are just gorgeous.
and very niiice. ^_^
i wanna buy it!!
but yea...

minky said...

Just ordered this!!! I absolutely love this!!! :)

Susan said...

LOVE this combination of blue and purple! Looks like I am too late again. Will just have to keep trying. :)

Melina said...

Omg. every post makes me want to buy something, my mom wont let me

Anonymous said...

I find the colors in this necklace very soothing :)

wuzzyangel said...

This is so soothing! Like stress reliving colors! Peaceful!

izumi said...

i second what wuzz said -- totally serene!

victoriachijosie said...

I love how the light purple + light blue go good together and give it that unique look(:
Very pretty and sparkly! Love it(;

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