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Seattle Humane Society's Charity Event Tuxes & Tails

I'm donating a few of my DSK Necklaces (Bubbi Necklaces, Bubbi's Moonlight Necklaces) to this special event, Tuxes & Tails to help raise money for the Seattle Humane Society. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Humane Society & I was so impressed with how well taken care of all the pets where at their shelter. For my birthday this Sunday, I'm taking Minh out there to visit the shelter (his first time) & make a $200 donation directly. ^_^ I don't want anything for my birthday, just donate to a charity of your choice. Trust me, you'll feel really happy.

I've been in contact with the shelter and I learned that they feed the dogs Costco Dog food. They also are in need of canned cat food. They accept all money & food contributions. So if you're interested in making monetary contributions or pet food, contact your local Humane Society. =^_^=

The Humane Society,"we give every adoptable and treatable animal as long as it
takes for us to find them a new home." -Seattle Humane Society

If you're in the area, here's some more information on the April 24th event.

I'm making it a goal this year to donate at least $1,000 towards charity.
In 2009, DSK Jewelry & I donated a total of $500 towards Haiti & Michigan Education.

I believe in good karma, that's why I do what I can to help make our World go round.
Shopping also helps the World & economy go round & prosper...so shop, shop, shop ladies!

To Donate:

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I recently put both the Bubbi Necklace & Bubbi Moonlight Necklace on Sale. If you've missed out, here's a great time to buy. They're all in stock & on sale. The necklaces can be found on the right side of this jewelry blog.
They will go back to regular price in a week.

: )

The Seattle Humane Society also have Critters up for adoptions!
They have birds, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits. ^_^

I fell in love with the 5 month old Bounty, and I hope to meet her this weekend.
Here's a link to her profile: http://www.seattlehumane.org/node/12637#

I'm going to be working on some jewelry orders, and will be posting new pieces tonight.
Stay tuned!



TrangyPoohツ said...

She's so cuuute! And that's so nice of you :D I love how you actually spend your earnings on shelter {sniffles} Such a wonderful person >x<

izumi said...

go steph! maybe i'll donate in your name ^__^

Anonymous said...

Awwwe!! That bunny's adorable! :)

Apple Hu said...

It's so amazing that you make the effort to donate to and support charities.

The bunny is adorable :)

mintylovee said...

awesomeness. :D
we believe in karma. ^_^
so nice of you steph. :)
and the bunny is so cute. keke.
have funa at the shelter with your bf.

박진아 said...

Steph, you're such a good person. :)

Susan said...

It's so thoughtful of you to continually give back and I know Humane Societies have such a huge need. Our first family pet is a rabbit from the animal shelter; a rabbit named Cappuccino (guess what color he is ^-^) and he is so sweet and soft. Just remember a rabbit literally runs circles around you to show you he loves you!

Violet Vo said...

Awwww...Lil Bounty is so cute :*

Melina said...

awww thats so nice for you! i feed my dog costco food too

MuffinEater said...

Whoa Steph that is truly amazing.Its wonderful knowing such a nice girl makes this pretty jewelery.*Sniffles*
Mother there really are good people in this world

DSK Steph said...

@Melina, what kind of dog do you have?

Jennie said...

Bounty is such a cute cricket! I love animals, i feel really happy whenever i see them.

Jennie said...

OOPS i just realized that i wrote Cricket instead of Critter..lol..my bad

wuzzyangel said...

Awww Bounty is too sweet! Just perfect for Easter! ;)

Steph you are soo good with your generous heart! You and Sarah really inspire me when it comes to donating for causes through your works!

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