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Triple Cute

I woke up at 5am to the songs of about 10 birds outside lol. Sounds like they were in a musical. I have an idea for a new necklace, "A Bird's Song," I can't wait to get the idea out later today when I sit down with my pliers. But for now I have the "Triple Cute" Necklace now available in both 16" & 18" or 40cm & 45cm : ) Enjoy! & I'll catch you later. More sale items coming soon.
"Triple Cute"
16" (40cm) Italian Sterling Silver $45
18" (45cm) Italian Sterling Silver $48

"Triple Cute"


MuffinEater said...

Whoa that's cute ^^.I woke up at 5.12 am to eat dinner and I heard birds too. Its quite calming :D

shawdyyy said...

wow. that's superr cute!

DSK Steph said...

Thank u :)

Susan said...

So Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your newly inspired Bird Song necklace!

Melina said...

oh what a good combo! theres a heart, a flower, and a little ...thing. what shape is that?

- Renée - said...

Love the colors.. Light and cute

wuzzyangel said...

Oh this screams SPRING! The golden tones that come out are lovely!

At least your birds are musical.. the one's we have are just down right noisy! LOL!

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