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Triple Hearts

Triple Sapphire-Amethyst-Crystal
16" Italian Sterling Cable Chain Necklace

Triple Sapphire-Teal-Amethyst
16" Italian Sterling Cable Chain Necklace

Triple Crystal-Teal-Amethyst
16" Italian Sterling Cable Chain Necklace

I will have some in gold too, will post soon!

Random: me playing around with the vibrance effect on photoshop :)
DSK Steph loves You!


izumi said...

love the first color combo the most :D but they're all so sparkly and pretty!

krisx3 said...

I love your necklaces! :)
Would love to see the black moon&lil ab star, infinity circles, or jet black nautical star go on sale ! :)

Puzzle said...

Although I've ordered once before, this is my first comment on DSK Page! =D

I was just thinking of these little hearts, except it was the "Great for the office" version! lol So I guess this would be my request~
As well as FlowaPowa, and Marisa's Necklace...>:3
I think I'll stop now !
Have fun with all the packing !xD

Anonymous said...

Love the Teal/Amethyst combinations!

wuzzyangel said...

The triple hearts are always so pretty! You make the best color combos!

Pearlholy said...

Yay~ Triple hearts necklaces! I love the "Triple Sapphire-Amethyst-Crystal", the colour combination strongly reminds me of "PH-Titanic-moonlight" triple heart necklace. =D <3 Lovely sale updates. Thank you~

Emmeline L. said...

Your triple heart necklaces are always so lovely! I'd love to see some more pieces with your starfishes <3

dramytran said...

I want the Bubbi necklace to go one sale<3
It's adoraable !~

Jess said...

I received my box today, but I'm waiting to open this up with my friends.I ordered three bracelets, all representing our birth stone and I can't wait to share it with my best friends...

I will post tomorrow or comment, on how their reaction was....Thank you again Steph for making the most truely delicate pieces of art and craftsmanship

- Jess

CATHLEEN said...

teal looks goregous. what a pretty colour

TrangyPoohツ said...

You're so gorgeous *o* xD Hey Steph? I was wondering if you sell the heart linked chains for the necklaces separately C: They're so lovely! I still have mine and it hasn't tarnished yet, but I tend to wash it like everyday xD

Oh! And another thing. I was wondering if you could sell the sunshine cloths (for cleaning the crystals) I think they costs around $4.00, but I think it'll be helpful to others if you like sold it on your website, because I've been using towels, and I began noticing hairlike scratches on mine, so DO NOT use a towel to clean the crystal guys! xD I think it'll help a lot of people if they can buy it on your website than having to go on another website and buy it for $4.00 but have to pay like $8.00 shipping D: (because I was trying to find it online, and the cheapest one I found ended up having a major big shipping price >x<)

Pearlholy said...

Steph, you're sooo cute~

TrangyPoohツ, I don't know if you wear glasses, but my friend and I use the cloth to clean glasses to clean our crystals. It doesn't lean any scratches and it's inexpensive. If not, just use A BIT of soap and water with klenex to clean your crystals. In fact, klenex alone is fine.

TrangyPoohツ said...

@Pearlholy: Loll oh no I don't wear glasses, but thanks so much for the tip!! ^^ It was very helpful C:

Melina said...

oh goshhh i love triple necklaces! and woahhh your skin is flawless!

Kate Gene said...

I know I always comment on your jewelry, but today I'm gonna bypass it and say I lurv this photo of you! You look great! Love the houndstooth... So classic!


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