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Wake up with DSK

Morning! This is an Early Bird Special Post, well not that early since it's 10:42am here...and the afternoon already in the East Coast lol.

But still...early compared to the midnight posts right?

D.S.K.Amber & AB Star Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link
$35 Morning Special

Navy Blue Bracelet
7" Sterling Silver Heart Link

If you purchase the bracelet, the matching earrings are included as a gift with purchase : )
Morning Special!
Sterling Navy Earrings gift with purchase of the Navy Bracelet
This shade of blue is great for work. : )

Now I'm going to sit here and wait for my friend Marisa to come take me to lunch in Issaquah!
We're going to Pallino Pasta!


Anonymous said...

The sterling navy earrings look very classy, i love em! <3

Pearlholy said...

Awww the "Amber & AB Star Bracelet" reminds me of honey~ Really cute and simple!

And I love the navy blue hearts! It's really eye-catching. =D And it reminds me of the ocean at night! I hope to see more of that colour soon in your future creations soon!

mintylovee said...

it would be awesome to have stars instead of hearts for the chain. keke.
and very nice shade of navy. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Adorable bracelets!! I really like the amber stars!!

And that blue.. gorgeous!!

Susan said...

Beautiful bracelets!! I love the navy hearts and the matching earrings. The stars are cute too!!

izumi said...

"wake up with DSK" -- love that slogan!

Melina said...

ooo i love the bracelets! :)
ohh issaquah, my cousins live up there.

wuzzyangel said...

That Navy color is so intriguing! It makes you wanna keep looking into it! LOL!

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