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3 DSK Everything Bracelets (Sold Out)

The last 3 fully charmed DSK Everything Bracelets for a while.
Only in Michigan (or vacation) do I really have the free time, and energy to make charm bracelets. But vacations always end. I tend stress out a lot in Seattle when it comes to administration work for the company & stress out over other life related responsibilities. Lame!

My advice to you is to live at your parents house for as long as you can if you don't have any problems living at home. Having your own place is kind of a big financial pain especially if it's far away from family and have just started a new job. Bills...renters' insurance, renting a parking space if you live downtown...pet rent! And on top of that you gotta feed yourself. I really miss living at home, and having my mom cook for me multiple times a day. It's the world's greatest luxury! But then again experiencing independence is also wonderful ..but definitely not free! Freedom comes with a price lol, it's called rent and utilities!

I'm going to be working on some more dainty pieces this weekend, and then it's back to Seattle where I'll finish up your pending necklace, and earring orders. I hope you've liked my posts from Michigan.
They're always a little bit different from my Seattle posts. : )

I have new style .925 Sterling Silver Necklaces coming soon.
20"-24" Necklaces, Imported. Made in Italy. :D
Thank you for your patience!

This is a random question for a jewelry blog, but I know I can get some great feedback.

My question, what do you like in your salads?
Spinach? Tomatoes? Cherry Tomatoes?

What are the best/ your favorite combos?
Do you have any delicious dressing recipe?
If you could leave your comments in the comment section that would be peachy.

Let me know what you like to eat! I'm started to create my own salads for lunch. : )


"It's a Girl!"
My little sister named this, it was her first reaction when I showed her.
She says it's a great name. I mean..I can see where she's coming from, the soft pinks.

7-7 1/4" Italian Sterling Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Melody of Music"
7-7 1/4" Italian Sterling Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

"Bronze Goddess"
7-7 1/4" Italian Sterling Heart Link
Crystallized Swarovski Elements


Kae said...

If I don't have to go anywhere afterwards, I like red onion in mine. Naughty yes yes! I make my own avocado dressing if I have the ingredients but most of the time I keep it simple with citrus juice/oil.

Lovely bracelets, I think your sister did a great job naming the pink one!

DSK said...

@Kae Ooh citrus juice! I didn't think about that one!

I've tried making a dressing with avocado and it makes so creamy!

You know what's funny, I just painted my nails and thought of your blog :P

OPI's Apricotcha Cheating :D

shawdyyy said...

Caesar is my all time favorite salad! I don't like any other ones. Lols.. So yah, it includes: the lettuce, croutons, and montarae jack cheese. Plus I like to eat it with toast! =D and for the dressing, I like caesar dressing or ranch.

Julia said...

I like tomatoes (maybe cherry tomatoes), croutons, (maybe) grilled chicken, (mozzarella) cheese, etc.
I've never tried spinach in my salad, but I'm sure I'll like it if I tried it. My favorite salads are the ones that my mom makes and I like Caesar salad, too. I don't really have any favorite combos. I love balsamic vinegar, some spices, and olive oil or just Italian dressing. Love the bracelets! Interesting name for the bracelet you sister named!

Melina said...

don't get me wrong, i love all of your bracelets, but i think they would look more professional looking without the little sterling charms. (seriously no offence intended >_<)

Cookie said...

I love ceasar salads...greek is nice, just not a huge fan of feta ~_~...oh fruit salads are good too ^_^ isn't US approaching summer? ^_^...

:( i missed out again...will wait for the next batch...~_~

Kittin said...

cherry tomatoes is the way to go for salads. adds color and they're usually sweet =]

mintylovee said...

so preeetty! ^^
and freedom does come with a price. =.=
price of not eating your mom's food! hehe.
Melody of Music is gorgeous. ^^
and i love dainty pieces. :3
salad wise. depends on my mood i guess. XD
sometimes it just plain ol' ranch, or maybe i'll just use my mom's secret vinaigrette. it's so yummy! and i'll probably just go citrus. ^^ a bit of lemon and lime and a bit of orange is quite tasty! especially over fresh leafy spinach. :D

Julie said...

I love adding strawberries, apples, oranges and/or pomegranate seeds to a salad =) It sweetens it up without sugar

CATHLEEN said...

my mum makes the best seafood salad (totally biased). there's tomatoes, lettuce, mushroom, prawns, cucumbers and sliced onions that does well with a drooling thousand island sauce/dressing. :D

totally love melody of music. to bad it was snatched away so quickly. love the name of the bracelet as well. :D

wuzzyangel said...

I really am loving all these charms you've been incorporating into the bracelets!! So cute!

Haha I just moved back in w/ my parents! Idk if that's a good thing though! But it is helping a bit w/ the financial sitch! But I really don't want to leave to LV with them.. *sigh*

Salads huh? I eat almost any type of salads. I like them. Do it right and it's your whole damn meal! Don't think I've ever made my own dressings. But I tend to like the oil/vinegar ones rather then the creamy kind.

echoox3 said...

i like tomatoes, cucumbers, a dash of pepper and balsamic vinegarette dressing for my perfect salad =D
haha you should try it!

MuffinEater said...

Neat bracelets..shame they sell out soo quickly... :D

As for salads, they are great for summer ;D. I keep my simple with olive oil,lemon and pepper.Or a chili dressing if I am making an Asian style salad, wholegrain,mustard,chili,olive oil and lemon.

Ingredients wise, I liked some kind of meat-crayfish,chicken, beef etc ( leftover meat is great for salads)Leafy greens, lettuce,baby spinach,watercress.Extra veg such as carrots,sweet peppers or plum tomatoes
( I find they are sweeter than cherry)

Fruit can also be put into salads,it tastes really nice-especially in summer.Refreshing and cooling to ones palette.Try grapefruit,watermelon,melon,orange.

Have fun with your salad making and let us know how it goes! ^^

DSK said...

Thank you all for the suggestions! I have so many new recipes to try :)

Irene said...

Steph! I completely agree with you about trying to live at home for as much time as possible. I live at home and I actually pay my parents 'rent' - but it STILL is cheaper than living on my own and I can feel like I'm still helping out. For a lot of asian families, I think it's traditional for (at least the girls) to stay at home until they are married! (Unless their jobs/lives take them elsewhere...)

Secret recipe that I LOVE - you'll love it too if you like tang and don't mind tasting garlic for the rest of the day!

Just mix: Equal parts of balsamic vinagrette & olive oil, some well minced raw garlic (I like to mince it in the food processor - to taste. I use a few cloves), some honey to balance the acidity, and a dash of salt! It is my FAVORITE salad dressing and tastes great over some fresh greens, rotisserie chicken, and some toasted pine nuts! Mmmmm....it makes a great lunch/dinner!

Loving the bracelets as always!!!

Thanks for the b-day wishes :) Made my day!

Emmeline L. said...

I can't believe I missed out on all these everything bracelets!! Love "It's a girl"!

I love Southwest salads, especially when it gets warmer out! I add some corn, beans, cherry tomatoes, crushed tortilla chips, a mix of red and green peppers, and sometimes some grilled chicken. Then I drizzle a bit of Chipotle dressing. Scrumptious! :)

Have fun finding new salad combinations!!

- Renée - said...

Melody of Music is stunning...

HaruHaru said...

For me, the best salad is a mixed fruit salad with potatoes, boiled eggs and MAYONNAISE!!! yum yum yum...

Argh... I wish there's 1 more Melody of Music... ;3;

Charlene said...

I love using avocado in my salads, and matchstick carrots. I add some "different" things to my salads too, like flax seed or hemp seeds for omega-3 and protein. I used to throw in a lot of things into my salads like tomato, pepper, onion, olives, etc... but now I'm very content with just avocado, carrots, and maybe some diced lean grilled chicken breast.

For dressing, I either use those low-calorie store bought dressings (Caesar or Italian) or I'll mix 2:1 Lemon juice:Extra virgin olive oil and add spices or seasonings (pepper, italian seasoning, dried oregano, etc). It always makes me a happy camper!

RavenAshley said...

Non salad related-- Are we going to see anymore nautical star designs anytime soon? =)

DSK said...

@RavenAshley, I can bring them back :)

JuliaMH said...

Humm salads..
I love gorgonzola, feta or goat cheese on mine
along with candied pecans or walnuts, so yummy! Sometimes I'll throw in pear or apple slices, if not then i'll use avocado, and I always have croutons. If we have them in the house i'll add red kidney beans and garbanzo beans with some cottage cheese on the side. As for dressings, I've never made my own, I'll just use whatever is in the house. Blue cheese, italian, greek dressing.. umm it is all yummy. Now I'm craving a salad...

Oh and I love the bracelets. My favorite part has the be the little starfish crystals on some of the other ones!
I am not a big bracelet wearer...? I usually stick with earrings, but these are so gorgeous I am really thinking about getting one. Amazing work (:

David said...

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