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Antique Work Station

Hello my lovely girl friends!

I hope to finish at least 2 new bracelets, and post them tonight.
If you're still waiting on a bracelet, be sure to visit my blog later today. : )
Feel free to suggest what you'd like to see!

I found this most awesome dresser style piece of furniture yesterday at an antique shop in East Town (Grand Rapids, MI).

Isn't it just a jewelry-making-person's dream piece?
You have a standing workstation!
Sitting on your bum all day is actually really tiring lol.
The drawers are so cute on top, and the shelving is perfect for storing findings.
If only they shipped to Seattle! lol jk.
But I'll definitely be on the hunt for a piece similar to this beauty.
The following text is not much jewelry related. No important info regarding DSK ~ just be babbling on about "life."

I've been in Michigan now for the past 5 days, and I'm not going to lie: I love it here in Michigan during this time of year. The fresh air here just reminds me of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of Grand Rapids. Yesterday, the infamous Nonners, her super nice friend Cesar, and I did a late brunch at a very homestyle restaurant/diner called Woofgang or Woofgang's (not to be confused with Woofgang Puck). It's so wonderful to see familiar faces & catch up. Nonners (Whit) and I spent about 5 straight hours catching up on our lives at her new condo in the heart of Downtown GR.

The view from Nonner's condo - which is also the tallest building in all of Grand Rapids. She's always been Baller Status since I've known her, isn't that right Nonners??? :P
She always had the best quality gel pens in the 6th grade. BALLER.

It's been exactly one full year since we graduated from Michigan State University together. Now we're both urban living lol. Livin' that urban fantasy right Whit? Two "farm girls" who grew up to live in the city. I can't get over how much we have changed in one year!

I believe that anyone can achieve the lifestyle they want to lead in a surprising short period of time. You just have to set your heart out to do the things you want to do. There are some downsides to that road of achievement, or that road to the larger goals. You tend to find yourself isolated from your norm. I honestly will admit that my norm was being dependent. Moving away helped me grow & learn to be independent- and a little bit more.

It might be just me but I feel I have been distanced from old social relationships -maybe not literally distance, but distance of the heart, the mind. I think you have to make sacrifices in social relationships to work on yourself, and work on your career. I'm sure many have learned this as they've grown up. It's probably the same reason why we lose some of our high school friends after we've moved on to college.

My only fear is feeling disconnected from my once close friends & loved ones. The comfort level is never going to be the same once you are distanced. It takes time getting used to you being you again when you're put back in your old way of life. Living the last few days in my hometown has made me remember who I was before I moved away & "grew up." Sleeping in my old bedroom brings back so many memories of grade school & the memory of wondering what I will do with my life.

Looking out the window, I am reminded of my carefree childhood where my only worry was if I was going to be able to catch any frogs that day. It's hard to believe I'm the same person I once was. All in all, I can't help but feel good to be the old me this week. I have the love of my mom and dad so close. I'm having so much fun watching my younger sister be 17. I witness her excitement on her last day of high school. I get to see my 10 year old dachshund & 7 year old tabby cat sunbathe together on the same couch in front of our window. They live the GOOD life.

And I hope to as well : )

See you tonight!



Nonners said...

This is such a cute/profound post! I loved catching up with you yesterday, good tine fo' sho.

It's really hard to comment on my iPhone, and also I laughed like a crazy person at work at the gelly roll pen part and it echoed through the whole office.

Let me know if u wanna do dinner downtown sometime before u leave. I'll pick yo azz up.

Bunny said...

Lol Steph I remember those high class gel pens in 6th grade XD Hope you're enjoying your time in Michigan =)

Caroline :] said...

Aww, Steph. That was a really warm & sweet post that tickled my own heart.

I know what you mean by fearing that you might feel disconnected from the close friends & people who really matter to you in your life. I have the same fear. I've had to make some sacrifices & not join my girlfriends on a lot of girl nights/hangouts etc. so that I could focus on extra-curricular stuff that would help me in my career. I'm always scared that they would hate me because of that, but I just saw a bunch of them for graduation this past week, and to my surprise, they were all very understanding & as loving as they always were. I felt so happy & blessed to know that, and it really made my day :)

I guess while we focus on advancing our careers in hopes of being able to live "the good life" in the future, we still need set aside some time & put some effort into maintaining the relationships that really mean a lot to us, if we truly want to keep those people in our lives. Growing up & real life can sometimes be scary, I agree!! But there comes with it many moments of pleasure, joy, and excitement, too. I think so far, you & Nonners have done a damn fine job for yourselves. I admire & congratulate you on your succesess. :) hehe, wow, this was like a love letter lol xD

♥ caroline

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new everything bracelets! That's such a pretty piece of furniture! I love the little drawers! Very thoughtful reflection!

LoonyPlatypus said...

Aww Steph this was so sweet :)

I've been going through some hard times for the past 18 months or so, and what it's taught me is that life is too short not to reach for the stars, so this post just confirmed that for me. You're an inspiration ^_^

wuzzyangel said...

You and Nonners must be having a blast! It's always so lovely to hear about the friendship the two of you share! And both you and Nonners are amazing people! :)

Very cute workstation!

wuzzyangel said...

You and Nonners must be having a blast! It's always so lovely to hear about the friendship the two of you share! And both you and Nonners are amazing people! :)

Very cute workstation!

wuzzyangel said...

You and Nonners must be having a blast! It's always so lovely to hear about the friendship the two of you share! And both you and Nonners are amazing people! :)

Very cute workstation!

izumi said...

touching entry. i feel the same -- i worry about distancing myself from my friends and worry about HAVING friends in the future. my home friends :| they're all so busy and i'm always so busy and we try to see each other but it's hard and we all never really have time and it just SUCKS.. but i guess it just makes those reunions that much better huh? hopefully we'll still continue to work at our relationships..

mintylovee said...

'if only they shipped to seattle...' yea. if only my name was bob... XD
happy to hear you're enjoying Michigan. ^^

Melina said...

if somebody buys your jewelry, and lives in the same apartment as you, would you still ship it to them? or would you hand deliver it?

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