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DSK's Heart & Key Bracelet and Chit Chat

I have some fun news to share with you all : )
As the official website is coming together..I need to pick more permanent pieces of jewelry to define my "Classic Collection." Plus some!

Sneak Peek, A gangsta' screen shot, it's just a mock up ~ please ignore things like
Beautiful Jewelry for Beautiful People... and ignore the scroll bars!
And right under it..."Forever Yuan, I want to be Forever Yuan.."
lol the web developer's name is Yuan! He's a dork!

He's so funny "Great Gift for Mom"
You know Asian guys..always thinking of their momma's.
Momma's boy!

Plus that isn't even the Bubbi Necklace! lol

I plan to honor each of my DSK Models with their own growing collections (with their input).
Each lady will have a signature necklace named after them foreverrrrrrrr! ..or until they tell me..."I'm over it, remove my name from that DSK necklace RIGHT NOW." lol

For Example, Bubbi's Collection, Hollyannaeree's Collection..and so forth.
The number of piece each girls gets in their collection depends on how much I love them.
Just kidding, it depends on our powers combine. Inspiration comes at random, and when something brilliant comes up, and the model & I agree ~ it will be added & blessed with model's acceptance. But most importantly I want to work one on one with each model to create their DSK Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Anklets & so forth.

Speaking of DSK Models, the model search ends June 30th, 2010!
I can't wait to show you all off. There are definitely some creative entries. Thank you!!!

Join DSK's 2010 Model Search, Click Here
Each entry will have a page dedicated to her in the DSK Tumblr.
It's really cool what my friend Genre has been working on for the entries.
We promise not to disappoint! Isn't that right Genre?!

I do need some help in the creative department from you all, my readers!
I'm going to be randomly posting new pieces in the coming weeks, and I'm going to ask that you all help me name them for the website. It's obviously optional, but wouldn't it be fun to brag to all your friends that you helped named a specific necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings?

I'd so be telling everyone, haha but that's just me. I get over excited when I'm affiliated with a brand, company, or even just...seeing my name printed in a list of MSU graduates back in 2009. lol "Hey Ma! Look that's me!!! ::as I bust out my highlighter and highlight my name::" :D

I'm very open to naming pieces after you all, my wonderful, supportive, loving customers. I've taken some requests from some boyfriends who kindly asked me to name a DSK piece after their lovely gf's and I have.

But I can't start naming pieces at random, I would like there to be a connection & a story.
I can tell you now that I won't name something for you if you aren't a DSK Customer, or aren't even interested in jewelry, but just want something named after yourself!!! lol

There are a lot of interesting people out there...trust me..I get lots of interesting emails, but I'll leave it at that. 0_o lol or maybe not. I have gotten emails from some people who think they're super awesome and deserve to have a piece made for them because they declare it will boost my sales because they're THE BOMB.COM. LuLz

I don't care how gorgeous one can be, or how many followers, and subscribers you have.
I care about getting to know you first.

I'm not going to lie, some girls who have emailed me are drop dead gorgeous, but they lose my interest when they communicate with me in a rude manner.
No one likes to talked to as if they're inferior.

It would be nice to introduce yourself (instead of blasting how many followers you have) & get to know me before you set these ridiculous demands. I value friendship over anything else. So please..lets be friends first before anything.

But then again..I have had weirder emails.

An example of the most common email I get on a daily basis, to sum it up.

"hii i would like to do a review for you. and like you to send me some FREE pieces for me to keep"

80% of the time, they do not introduce themselves AT ALL.
A few of my fellow crafting friends have indeed received the same emails.
They just replace the business name, basically FILL IN THE BLANK template.
Come on...don't you know the beauty blog world is TIGHT KNIT?
News travels like wildfire, so don't try to pull any funny business!

Lena and I were so close to post our identical emails on blogger a few months back.
It was hilarious. She just changed jewelry to art. And of course, the email was completely the same.

I just forward the email to all my friends, then we laugh and compare each other's emails. It's like...really? You would do that for me?! You would order me to make something for you for free & name it after you to boost my sales? That's so generous!!! SIKE.


Anyhow, mean moments, well not really ~ some people deserved to be called out for their self-centered-ness!!!


I take the best pictures in Michigan, it must be the lack of clouds! haha
I hope the simple charm bracelets bring a little bit of simplicity into your everyday life.


DSK's Heart & Key Bracelet (or what would you name it?)
Pure .925 Italian Sterling Heart Link Chain (7 1/4")
.925 Sterling Heart Clasp
.925 Sterling Silver Key
Crystallized Swarovski AB Heart

Sold out!

*The bracelet heart links are measured & cut by me, there I can make them in any size for you*
Just leave a comment in the message to seller in Paypal at checkout.
Ex. 7" , 7 1/4", 7 1/2", 8" , etc

Treble Clef Heart Bracelet
Pure .925 Italian Sterling Heart Link Chain
.925 Sterling Heart Clasp
.925 Sterling Silver Key
Crystallized Swarovski AB Heart
Sold out!

*The bracelet heart links are measured & cut by me, there I can make them in any size*

Seahorse & Starfish Bracelet
Pure .925 Italian Sterling Heart Link Chain
.925 Sterling Dolphin Clasp
Antique Silver Seahorse
Crystallized Swarovski AB Starfish
Sold out!

Light Grey Crystallized Swarovski Pearl Bracelet
Pure .925 Italian Sterling Heart Link Chain
.925 Sterling Dolphin Clasp
Crystallized Swarovski Light Grey Pearls

Have a sunny day!

Don't forget to leave your comments! I like to know what you think about everything.!


xSimply Reikox said...

I'm happy to hear that the site is coming together :) I can't wait!

Keep up the awesome work - because you're awesome :D Just saying! xoxo

itsliz89.com said...

Is the website going to have the little horizontal scroll like in the screen shot? That's a web design no no.

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ said...

Geez, I havent commented in a while even though Im at your site like 24/7! (probably cause I hate to log into my google account everyday! XP)

WOW! The website is coming along amazingly! Looks GREATT~~!

"hii i would like to do a review for you. and like you to send me some FREE pieces for me to keep"
What kind of person would send emails like that expecting you to actually give them some! XDD

Would LUV to help you name some pieces! But do they actually have to be name names?? If that makes sense! =/

☆¸.•*¨*`•.•×νι∂ιѕнα♥ said...

Geez, I havent commented in a while even though Im at your site like 24/7! (probably cause I hate to log into my google account everyday! XP)

WOW! The website is coming along amazingly! Looks GREATT~~!

"hii i would like to do a review for you. and like you to send me some FREE pieces for me to keep"
What kind of person would send emails like that expecting you to actually give them some! XDD

Would LUV to help you name some pieces! But do they actually have to be name names?? If that makes sense! =/

DSK said...

@itsliz89.com that's just the web developer's sample. We have a web designer to work on the rest. :)

DSK said...

@itsliz89.com I think the scroll thing is in my screen shot pic preview thingy majiggy

theblackcat said...

pretty bracelets! can't wait to see your new website :)

JuJu said...

LOVE the grey pearl bracelet!!!

Susan said...

It's Great to see your website coming along!! I check every so often to see if you have anything up on the site. The sample looks well organized and easy to read. Looking forward to seeing it up!

Love the idea of the DSK model collections. Also, it is sweet of you to include your fans and customers in naming some of your pieces. You may want to consider using the name's meaning to name a jewelry piece. For example Susan means Lily.

LOVE LOVE the new charm bracelets!! They seem so perfect for summer. The Light Grey Crystallized Swarovski Pearl Bracelet is my favorite!! It is simple enough for the office and dressy for an evening out.

The dolphin clasp on the Seahorse & Starfish Bracelet is a nice detail and touch that always makes your jewelry special.

mintylovee said...

yay! i get to hog the compooter now! XD
glad to hear your site is coming together. (:
and good luck to all the models and the ones entering!
i wish i could enter... ><
if i would ever get a 'sample' piece from you, i would probably fall down and break bones by being over-excited. XD
good lucks!

izumi said...

can't wait to see the finished product of your website, it looks great in the preview!

Jess said...

Yay Steph! Those bracelets are beautiful! I love it when you go home, it means lots of bracelets! I can't wait to see them on your new website!!! Good lord. I can't believe people are still asking you for free samples. I thought you already addressed the beggars? Begging is not attractive people!!!!(unless you happen to be a puppy)

PS: key to my heart bracelet? or is that too cheesy?

Leenda said...

Wow! The DSK website is looking great so far! Can't wait to see it all finished. =] Your bracelets are beautiful as usual. You put a lot of work and detail in them like the little heart lock. haha

Kittin said...

the seahorse and starfish bracelet is really nice. perfect for the season =] makes me want to hit the beach right now!

Kellie said...

haha bomb.com! DUHHH you didn't know steph? hahah <3 hope ur having fun in michigan!! ugh I dont go on aim much Im sorry i left you the other day <3 lol!!

maybe you can teach me how to poach an egg when I get back. I've been watching the food network a lot. We could go to beth's cafe and attempt to eat a 12 egg omelette ;P

Pearlholy said...

Steph, it's really nice and quite honourable that you name your jewelry pieces after your models. It shows how much you and your models get along so well =D (which is great since it'll promote your pieces and attract more customers).

I would apply as a DSK model when I make that 'I *heart* DSK'. Just watch! LOL!

I have a suggestion/name for "Treble Clef Heart Bracelet": Maetros' Hand/Bracelet; a maestro/conductor has passion for music and interprets a piece of artwork through hand movements, leading a symphony/band. I just thought the bracelet, the heart and the clef symbolizes really well a maestro, his/her love for music and his/her power to create music with hand movements. (I'm not explaining it really well but I hope you understand =D)

Chanthida said...

OMG I totally highlight my name too when it gets mentioned in an honorable way, but probably mostly to see how the newspaper or whoever totally screwed up my name, Ppl always spell/say my name wrong so its kinda funny cuz i collect articles i've been in and people are always like who's chandi or jenida?? lol. And I can't believe ppl actually send out emails like that, how ingorant. Also before i read anything I looked at the pieces and as I saw DSK's heart and key bracelet, kanye's song "love lockdown" came on at the exact same time, I couldnt stop laughing on how the name totally fit I think its fate haha even tho i dont really like kanye, but that's totally up to you! >_< oh and I cant wait to see the new website

Anonymous said...

Wowww!! The website is coming along great!! I love how it's really simple, yet classic, and very professional.

I really like the idea of making collections dedicated to the models! That would be great!!

And seriously, those emails asking for free stuff to "review"... that's sooo low... If you really like the brand, support it instead of trying to scam off of it lol. Some people seriously make me cringe lol.

Anywhoo... today's bracelets are amazing!! I absolutely looove the crystal and sterling charm combination... They are to die for! :)

Melina said...

gosh, i dont like snobby people. then again, nobody does, no matter how pretty they are. your aqua theme bracelets are cool. you should make an aqua bracelet without little sterling charms, that would look cool

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for your new website! It looks great, even in the sample! I love the concept of models' jewelry collections! It's so sweet and personalized, but classy and organized, too! I wish I was old enough to enter the DSK 2010 Jewelry Model Search...
Anyways, I can't believe people actually ask you that! That's so cheap. As always, I love the bracelets! The simplistic design is elegant, but at the same time is unique! My favorite bracelet would probably have to be the Seahorse & Starfish Bracelet; I love the sea and sea creatures!

Mandy said...

OMG I can't wait! I'm looking forward to go DSK jewelry crazy once the site is up! LOL xD Although I want to really buy some now.. but I'm currently broke! ahahah *is saving up and will definitely have to use some of my savings to buy your beautiful jewelries!*
& I can't believe people actually do that, ask you for free stuff that is. And they don't even introduce them selves? Geez, they should at least do it right. LOL. I hate how self-centered people can be.. I agree how they need to be called out!
I love how the seahorse and starfish reminds me of the aquamarine oceans! It somehow makes me reeeally want to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas now for this summer! xD
The DSK's Heart & Key Bracelet reminds me of clouds! IDK WHY LOL
Maybe I would name it... The key to Happiness? Doorway to Heaven? Sounds corny LOL xD

Irene said...

OMG you are back and with a fury! Look at those pieces...I am so in love with that little heart clasp you have no idea *drools*

Are you sure you're visiting the same Michigan? During my 14 years living there, it was always cloudy! :( But I think the Summers were pretty clear...it is the Summers on the lake that I miss most! Beautiful.

The one thing that I love so much about your jewelry and your site that sets you apart from a lot of other sites is the passion...I can hear it in your 'voice,' in the way you speak to us through your blog. You also make an effort to connect to us in a very REAL way -- it seems silly, but I was SO excited when you posted a comment on my blog at random one day! I was like it's THE STEPH from DSK jewelry!!! Bwahaha...I am a dork. But still, it really means a lot that you take time out from your busy schedule to make that connection. :)

I'm really excited about your site...it looks great so far!!! And you know I'll always be a supporter. I love your jewelry, and it weren't for so many student loans, I'd be draped in it from head to toe...just one giant pink AB sparkle LOL!

I really want to apply for the model search, but I know I can't compare to so many of the lovely ladies out there. :( I'm so old now! lol. But I might still give it a shot, it would be fun if anything else ;)

Nonners said...




iAMminky3 said...

Ooohh!! Definitely excited for your new website! and looking forward to all the collections. :)

jeweli said...

hahaha yeeh crazy people out there!!

omg i would so name that heart & key bracelet "Chuck & Blair" hehehe!

Chuck is the key & Blair is the heart OBVIOUSLY :P yep gossip girl freak right here :D


DSK said...

@jeweli I love gossip girl! The season finale was insane! I totally just research the Harry Winston engagement ring lol

wuzzyangel said...

LOL I was gonna say.. "that's not the Bubbi Necklace" that's the PH I want, then I kept reading! LOL! DUH Wuz!

I think it's awesome that you're gonna honor your HOT SMEXY GODDESS DSK Models with their own signature collections!

I'm still debating if I'm gonna enter your model search! I don't thing I fit the criteria of hotness to become a DSK MAHDEL! Plus I think NONNERS would make an awesome one! So I can't compete with that already! LOL!

WHOA! Someone wants FREE DSK to REVIEW! Are you serious?! What is DSK a skincare company?! You can't review DSK!

Amy said...

Oooh, how about DSK's "Lock Up Your Heart And Throw Away The Key" bracelet :P Or is that too long?

DSK's locked heart bracelet ;P

jeweli said...

@DSK yes! i researched too! lol how gorgeous is that ring! My heart stopped a little when those evil guys opened the box to reveal it...


CATHLEEN said...

congrats on getting the site together. can't wait to see it.
i love the treble clef heart bracelet.

for the key heart necklace just a suggestion but why not name it after boa's song "key of heart".

still loling over the fact that people are still asking for free jewelry off you. when will they learn *shakes head*

lovely jewelry as always :D

Cookie said...

kyaa!! totes lovin' the heart clasp...T_T I always miss out on the everything bracelets not matter how much I hound ur site T_T...and twitter hates me ~_~...will keep trying (aja!)

tahitian88 said...

the new website looks great and I'm excited! It would be great if you had maybe a jewelry mannequin or life size model to show wearing each piece along with the traditional photos. That way people can have a better idea of the fit/length/size etc. Great job and hope you have a wonderful remainder of your trip!

Pamela said...

I really love the simplicity of those bracelets!

DSK said...

@all the girls who left a comment without a blogger! START BLOGGING! :)

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