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Earthy Greens

14K Earth Earrings
*2 New Pairs Available*

These earrings were the most popular when I posted them last week, they sold out within the hour I posted, so I figure it's a good sign to make more : )
If sold out, feel free to email me to pre-order, DSK Jewelry@gmail.com
Renee's Necklace

Renee's Necklace

DSK's Mother Earth Necklace

DSK's Mother Earth Necklace

Triple, Crystal Peridot Teal
*1 Available*
SALE: $35


NicoleDominique said...

Gorgeous as always(: Love the mother earth necklace and the earth earrings very very much!! Just by looking at these pieces, you've made my day(:

rits said...

omg those earrings are gorgeous!

Rubiiee said...

So lovely!

mintylovee said...

Renee's necklace has two of my fav colors in it! purple and gree/periodt! <3
i love Mother Earth stones. I would wear those every single day! :D
and i have that necklace!
i think i nice light purple will complete it. XD
im just bias with my favorite colors!
<3 always!

Nonners said...

That earth color is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love earthy colors :)

Pearlholy said...

It's very thoughtful of you to place the earrings and "DSK's Mother Earth Necklace" together in the same post; people don't have to look around much to find the matching earrings to go with the necklace. It could have been neat if the bail and chain were in gold so the necklace would match perfectly with the "14K Earth Earrings" or vice versa!

I'm sorry if I haven't been spamming your blog as much as I used to, =( I just recently for a job (my net crash for some time as well) and it's a little more demanding than I expected it to be.

wuzzyangel said...

The green of these pendants are gorgeous! So much depth and tones!

Anonymous said...

All of these necklaces and earrings are really cute!

Melina said...

mother earth is the best

izumi said...

so tranquil!

happymoments520 said...

SOOO pretty!!!! :D

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