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Meet Nickel!

Nickel just moved in!
He's Minh's parents dog (they have two).
Now that we have an apartment, Minh wants to have Nickel.
We were planning on having both, Nickel & his sister Penny, but his mom wanted to keep a watch dog.

Nickel looks super anorexic! Every since I've known him he just is skinny.
You can see his ribs..I took him to the apartment yesterday and a lady goes, WHAT IS THAT?!
Then I was at Uvillage eating dinner, and a lady goes..OH MY YOU NEED TO GET HIM SOME CLOTHES. (He doesn't like clothes..)
Sighh..like I told my friend Marisa...this guy is making me look bad!
So my project is to put some meat on his bones. It seems like he likes chicken a lot.
He barely touches his dog food!

But we have room for one more dog...

That means! I'm going to get another dog when I get back from Michigan.
I've been scoping out the Animal Shelters : )

I will have some new pieces posted tonight, I've had some really pretty ideas.
Will share soon!

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to post pictures of Nickel last night.
I took pictures this morning instead : )

Have a great day everyone!


sam said...

steph try mixing beneful wet food into the dry food. My dog won't touch his dog food either! mixing a little beneful does the trick! try it! they have like ckn, beef, with rice, peas and carrots :) hope that helps!

Sally said...

omg.. he is soo adorable... I can see where that lady was going on about putting some clothes on him.. I would too coz it would look so cute! :D I would love to have a dog as well.... but too bad I ain't got the room for it... will have to play with the neighbours jack russell terrier for now. :D That dog is soooo nosey! lol

eri said...

nickel and penny! that's so cute! hahaha. he's a cutie. he kinda looks like a baby kangaroo in the last pic---the way his legs are all positioned. ;p

can't wait to see who you adopt!

Schwibbelchen said...

whoa, Nickel is smaller than the head of my doggy! cute^^

ms.phuongy said...

He reminds me of a deer for some reason! I think it's the ears! LOL super cute though!!

TofuCustard said...

My dog is the same way, he won't eat his dog food plain. What my family does is mix it up with a little bit of chicken. Before we mixed it up with wet dog food, but he gradually he wouldn't eat it. So now he's spoiled. XD

Janine said...

Awww He is too cute!! And tiny, good luck with your pet project. Although believe me chicken should do the trick, I'm trying to find a diet for mine the poor thing is glaring at me right now lol.

Susan said...

Nickel is cute!!

Boiled chicken breast is good to mix with the dry food if he is a picky eater.

My vet says if you can't feel their ribs they are too heavy.

Melina said...

hehe nickel is cutee! he kindof reminds me of a ...kangeroo xD

Anonymous said...

Awwee adorable!! :D

Sandra said...

Aah!! What a cute pup!
I would say feed him wet food, but wet food usually makes my doggy poop a lot!
My dog's a REALLY picky eater too, and it just gets worse during the summer when dogs tend to lose their appetite even more! Adding Beneful did help, but since she's small, she just ate the top pieces of Beneful and left the rest of the food! Brat! lol

Can't wait to see your second dog. :) It's so awesome that you're rescuing instead of buying.

Puzzle said...

AW! So tiny!! I have a very big Doberman and my brother got a small pincher >.< but she's chubby lol Like someone above said, mixing with beneful (which is rather healthy)might help a bit! And idk about the clothes =/ if it's hot, it might not be a good idea for the dog? not that I'm against that,I'd love to dress up my dog but--he has too much pride xD You should make a crystal chocker! Job done! Ppl won't notice the skinny-ness anymore! =D

wuzzyangel said...

Aww Nickel!! Welcome!! He's very cute!! And fattening him up won't be a problem I'm sure! LOL! Awww... ANd he might get a friend soon too?! BONUS!! Steph congrats on your new place again, and you're growing fam! ;)

Tamara said...

Dogs from animal shelters are the best! I just took one out, and he's the most great dog ever! He's an ideal dog (doesn't bark, likes to move, eats a lot, is very very kind, likes to give kisses and most important he listens, he likes to learn new stuff)... :)
They are the most grateful things ever!

mintylovee said...

lol. don't be mad at Mr. Nickel!
he's adorable!
and i don't like seeing doggies in clothing.
it's as if they're suffocating. *sigh*

izumi said...

LOL aw, what a cute dog. what dog doesn't like human food? :P

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