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*NEW* DSK's Everything Earrings

I made my first few pair of Everything Earrings at the new apartment today..while looking at the Space Needle. lol I'm obsessed with the Space Needle!

: )

I hope you like my new One-of-a-Kind Everything Earrings!
First Come, First Priority

Happy Shopping!
Siam Bouquet
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Susan!
Seattle's Butterflies
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Jennifer!

Star-y Star-y
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Karina!

Star Light <---my favorite! Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski *Sold* Thank you Karina!

Siam Velvet
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski
Thank you Jennifer!

Lady Bug
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski

Ocean Waters
Sterling Silver, Crystallized Swarovski
Measures 3"
Thank you Kenaya!


Pearlholy said...

Omg! First the everything bracelet, now the everything erraings! You sure do know how to spoil your ladies, lovely!

I love love love your new earrings, especially "Siam Bouquet" and "Star Light". I'm so addicted to your blog, it's financially so unhealthy for my best friend and I now. We've been spending like crazy! Well, at least you're supporting you and helping you pay for your luxurious apartment! Hehe <3

Lovely updates--so rewarding after spending a long day at work so it's always fun to see new DSK updates! =D <3 Keep up the good work, sweetie <3

Pong said...

They're all so pretty! I really want to buy one (really hard to resist since they're all available right now...but not for long!) but...no money :(

But i can still enjoy!

Shiseiten said...

aww. love the new earring looks! :D favorite is definitely the black stars

Kae said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!

CATHLEEN said...

wow everything earrings are amazing

Annie said...

They're gorgeous! I like star light & star-y star-y the best! Seattle's butterflies and Ocean Waters are really nice too! Keep up the great work! Can't wait until this 15 year old student can order some DSK of my own :)

HYEjiN said...

@Pearlholy LOL I totally feel you. I've been spending so much here! x_x

Haha Steph, you must be tired of seeing my name by now xDD I bought so much stuff >_>;; But I can`t help it, your pieces are so pretty! And addicting x__X

Esther said...

The star ones are awesome. Who doesn't love star anything though, right?

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

I LOVE the everything earrings!!! I'm so glad you started making them :D They are so fun

DSK said...

I appreciate all the love & support ladies :) I'm so happy u like my pieces!

John Gyul said...

woww these are awesome!

Anonymous said...

These earrings are soooo gorgeous!! I love every pair!! Hahah :P

tahitian88 said...

Oh man! I JUST logged on and they're all gone!! Will you be making more of the Star light earrings in the near future? Thanks, love the new designs!

siwing said...

star light is my favorite too.. love the colors.. soo puurrty ^_^

Emmeline L. said...

Aw no, I saw these too late ): I hope you'll make more of these in the future!!

Kat said...

Wow, I love these earrings! They're beautiful. I wish I was quick enough to snab the Star Light.

Line said...

The earrings are all so beautiful. I'd been hoping for something like this to come up.
Alas... water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink :-(

mintylovee said...

these earrings are love!
im telling you!!!
you should try making a Everything set!!!
^^ those will also be definitely one of a kind alright! XD
ocean waters is so pretty.
and the star ones rock!!!
Siam Vouqet is beautiful, even if red isn't a color of mine. XD

Lilly said...

Wow Starlight is gorgeous. Its my favorite of the bunch too.

wuzzyangel said...

I swear I just orgasmed over the Star-y Star-y!! Steph these are great! Loving the cluster dangle styles here. The Ocean Waters is pretty too! And the Siam Bouquet reminds me of sakura!

Susan said...

You are Amazingly Creative!! It was so nice to see your site with these new absolutely gorgeous earrings after a long day of work. I love the everything earrings especially siam bouquet and star light!!

The LadyBug earrings are soooo CUTE!! I quickly ordered a pair for my daughter. She loves ladybugs, so I know she will love these. :D

joey said...

theyre so gorgeous!
i love siam velvet!

dsk is seriously extending my exam review
im just going to stare at pretty earrings now and completely disregard my notes

Melina said...

wow... these are even better than the bracelets! >:( brabgaganan. these sell so fast

izumi said...

DSK has joined the world of the cluster earrings! woot :)

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