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Pink Pearl & Bows

Pink Bow Earrings

Fuchsia's Shadow
16" Sterling Silver Heart Link

Nautical AB
16" Italian Sterling Necklace
*sold out*

Triple Titan Necklace
16" Heart Link Necklace
*1 Available*
SALE: $35

Earth Necklace
16" Italian Sterling Helix Necklace
*Update, Last 1*

Velvet Shadow Royal Pegasus Necklace
18" Italian Sterling Helix
*sold out*


Anonymous said...


Fuchsia's Shadow and Earth Necklace are amaaazing!!


siwing said...

oooh pink bow and earth necklace is pretty .

considering for my next purchase already ^^v

Sandra said...

Just bought Fuschia's Shadow!!
I am so happy, I can't wait to get it!!
I even got priority shipping, I can't wait to wear it!!
After all this time just drooling over DSK Jewelry I just had to get it! AND it's heart link!!!
Haha sorry I'm spazzing out, I'm just really excited! :D
Thanks for making amazing jewelry Steph!!


Lilly said...

I love the Pink Bow Earrings! They're so cute. I was wondering if you would be willing to make one with white/cream pearls. I'm trying to match it to a dress. I hope this is the right place to ask a question like that >.<.

DSK said...

@Lilly, email me dskjewelry@gmail.com I should be able to make more next week

Pearlholy said...

Wee~ I love "Fuchsia's Shadow"; it reminds me of a romance tragedy! The Pegasus collection and the triple hearts have always been one of my favourite collections! I can't wait to receive my Pegasus necklace in the mailbox soon! =D, With the mix and match, I'll have my bubbi remix, hehe!

Susan said...

Love the pink pearls and bows!! I have such a weakness for anything with bows! :D
The Fuchsia Shadow and Earth Necklaces are amazing!! The Earth Necklace reminds me of a running brook in the spring.

So glad to hear you are making Everything Bracelets in May. My friend, Edna, at work saw mine and wants to get one for her daughter in honor of her graduation! I told her to keep an eye out for them because they always go so quick! I'm wishing her luck in getting one!!

wuzzyangel said...

Those Velvet or PH hearts are always so stunning!

Misu said...

Aww, i like the pink bow earrings. They're super cute. I wonder what they'd look like on a necklace

mintylovee said...

Fuchsia's Shadow! ^^
Nautical Stars take the cake! XD
Earth's necklace is love.
No! Pegasus takes the cake!!! >.<
and pink bow earrings are just awesome!
no need to say anymore!

Melina said...

Go triple titan! if that was a sports team, i'd root for that!

izumi said...

i heart my bows :)

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