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Random Video: DSK's New Crib!

I went to visit my new place last night & I love it!
But now I have 18 days to move out! hahahaa
The landlord of our house right now just told us that he'll end our lease a month early!!!
YAY, now I won't have to pay double rent!

I fly back to Michigan May 19th-30th...lol
Divided out it costs me $67 of rent a day to live here (the reason I know is because they asked us to pay $67 for April 30th, the day we got our keys + May's rent). lol

so.....I don't want to be gone for a whole month again like I did back in February.

Anyhow, here's a peek at what I've been up to : )
I can't wait to start making more videos soon!
I'm going to definitely make a "DSK of the Day" video showcasing my work ^_^
Stay tuned for that!
I know..I look a hot mess! hahaha

I can't wait to show you footage of the amenities! The terrace is so beautiful!

This is also random & exciting.


Check out her crib too!


Miss Kimberly said...

What a lovely new place you have! Seattle is so beautiful, I can't wait to move there! :)

Nonners said...

Thanks yo! Congrats to you too, we both have new ballin' cribs! Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Also see if you can dig up that gift you mentioned from your ex.... it sounded fantastic.

giftsfromexbfs.blogspot.com !!!

DSK said...

@Miss Kimberly, it's even better in the summer :)

@Nonners yes! your new blog is sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Pearlholy said...

AND SPECIAL REQUEST: Can you make a vid/take a pic of the sunset or sunrise from your apartment window?

~ * ♥ Eureka ♥ * ~ said...

Can I say I hate you lol JK JK
I am sooo happy for you!!! Your new place is awesome {& not gonna lie...I'm SUPER JEALOUS} lol
My bf & I always worry that we'll have to live in a box when I'm in med school haha
Anyways, it's sooo adorable how excited you are, esp about the space needle lol (is it weird that I think excited people are cute haha)
Can't wait for your new vids <3
P.S. I'm so coming over to hang out JK ;P

DSK said...

@Pearlholy, I sure will!

Lilly said...

OMG I love your new place! You have such an amazing view. I'm so jealous and happy for you at the same time. Congrats on the new place, you've definitely earned it!

Anonymous said...

I already commented on your vid on youtube, but you have an amazing new apartment :)

mintylovee said...

your new place is awesome! ^^
and stripper club? really? XD
hope you enjoy it lots!!

Kate Gene said...

Your new place is freaking awesome! I showed this video to my hubby. He knows exactly where you're at! (BTW, you are SUPER close to us!) We want to move there now. LOL!

Congratulations on the new crib! :D

P. S. I suck. I took your mini-gift (seriously, it's nothing exciting) to FedEx, forgetting they don't ship to P. O. boxes. I'll go to the post office next week! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new place (; its amazing! && I love that your like "that thing right is going to be my future ex" and he says HI haha

Leenda said...

Such a nice apartment! What I would give for a walk in closet! Oh man it is so awesome. lol Congrats to Minh for being number 35 in Washington! Congrats to you for being awesome and getting the apartment! lol yea!

Melina said...

that would be creepy if somebody showed up at your doorstep after watching that video

xj.huangx said...

congrats on your new apartment! it is so pretty. i love the view of the space needle. =]

wuzzyangel said...

SPACE NEEDLE!!! Hotels, Mc'Ds and a Strip Club!! Steph you new place is the BOMB!!! ;)

tahitian88 said...

CONGRATS on your new apt! The view of the city is SOO amazing!

izumi said...

holy crap, congrats to both you AND nonners!

Chen said...

May I know what's the name of the apartment? It's so pretty!!! I live in Seattle too and I'm looking for a new apartment.

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