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Requested Large Earth Necklace 16"

Large Earth 16" Necklace
Heart Link Sterling Silver
*sold out*


Stephine said...

That is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The Earth crystal is breathtaking :) has sooo many colors in it

Susan said...

Th Earth Heart Necklace is so alive with color! It is Amazing!

wuzzyangel said...

Captivating!! So many facets of colors and emotions this pendant brings!

mintylovee said...

i want one!!!
*sob sob*

just you wait for it!
ill come back with truck loads of money and bye your gorgeous jewelry!!

just you wait for it!!!! XD

Melina said...

this looks like a hybrid between the titanic, and emerald colors

izumi said...

such a gorgeous color!

Nyett said...

When will they be available again? ;_;

Nyett said...

When will they be available again? C:

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